A report in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer says that Americans are more willing to take jobs they wouldn't otherwise do in a tough economy. With 15 million Americans out of work and nearly 7 million jobs lost in the current recession, Americans are working in slaughterhouses, on farms, or at sewage plants.

"I have to just shut my mouth because I can't do anything about it," Nichole McRoberts of Sedalia, Mo. said in the article. McRoberts is working at a poultry slaughterhouse.

"People have to pay the bills, so what we see is people kind of grasping at straws and taking anything that's available," said Cornell assistant professor Matthew Freedman.

More educated Americans who have recently lost their job are taking clerical and service industry positions, which is forcing less educated Americans into positions that are usually held by illegal aliens. In Norwalk, Conn., a job posting at a local sewage plant drew more than 300 applicants.

Watch Roy's video blog calling for a temporary suspension of non-essential immigration to help free up jobs for American workers.

For more on the article, see the Seattle Post-Intelligencer.

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Updated: Wed, Aug 12th 2009 @ 3:21pm EDT