A new study published by the business schools at New York University and the University of Pennsylvania reports that U.S. companies using foreign workers on H-1B visas has reduced wages for computer programmers, system analysts and software engineers by 6%.

According to Computer World, the universities compiled the data through government reports and scanning resumes posted on online job search sites to obtain detailed information on specific tech companies. Their research, they say, provides a view of what is going on with public companies who hire foreign workers.

"In this paper, we simply sought to dispel the myth that globalization generates no losers," wrote Prasanna Tambe, an assistant professor of information, operations and management sciences at the Stern School, and Lorin Hitt, a professor of operations and information management at Wharton.

The researchers said that their study of online resumes is what makes their study unique. More than 156,000 workers were examined and 7,500 companies were looked at. The study concludes that H-1B admissions at its current level of 65,000 per year decreased wages in certain tech fields and also decreased wages of IT managers by 2-3%.

"Although our findings suggest that the negative effects of globalization may be substantial for some workers, it is critical that policy-makers weigh these effects carefully against the macro-level economic effects," said Tambe and Hitt in the report.

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Updated: Wed, Apr 29th 2009 @ 10:26am EDT