A new Zogby International poll shows that Florida voters think that illegal immigration is hurting the Sunshine State by an overwhelming margin. A new FAIR study confirms the poll, finding that illegal immigration costs Florida taxpayers $3.8 billion annually, which is double from 2005.

The Zogby poll found that 71.3 percent of Florida voters believe that immigration has a negative impact on the state and 83.5 percent believe that illegal immigration has a negative impact on the state budget.

The FAIR study found that:
  • $3.4 billion a year to educate illegal immigrant children and the U.S. born children of illegal immigrants.
  • $290 million a year on unreimbursed health care for illegal aliens.
  • $90 million a year to incarcerate criminal illegal aliens.
  • The total represents an annual cost to each of Florida's native-born headed households of $678.
The study also estimates Florida's illegal population to be 950,000, which is 7.3 percent of the nation's total illegal alien population. Florida has the fourth highest concentration of illegal aliens behind California, Texas and New York.

See the full FAIR study.
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Updated: Thu, May 14th 2009 @ 10:46am EDT