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Immigration-Reduction Report Card

Rep. Paul Ryan

Representative Paul Ryan

Representative, Republican

Wisconsin, District 1 ()

Served in House: 1999-2018

Career 1999–2018C+
This Congress 2019F-
Recent 2017–2019D
For details on all actions graded on this Report Card and how the grades were calculated, go to http://www.CongressGrades.org. If you see anything that you believe is in error, please contact NumbersUSA's Helpdesk at www.NumbersUSA.com/helpdesk.
"No Grade" means that the Member did not challenge the Status Quo policies that in total are adding 900,000 new permanent foreign workers a year, are allowing 7 million illegal aliens to keep their jobs, and are forcing around 2.5 million more people a year onto the overloaded physical, natural and social infrastructures of our communities.