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Senator Sam Brownback



Senator Sam Brownback


Where do you stand on repeal of Obamacare?? Please advise me. Thank you Carroll Babb Olathe, Ks
by Carroll5815 of KS, Fri 6/25 -

Brownback to be next Governor of Kansas

With Governor Mark Parkinson not seeking re-election (he was only in because of Sebilus (sp?) joining Obama's camp anyway)it seems that Brownback will be the next Governor of Kansas. With his immigration voting record in the senate it will be hard to get him to sign a bill similar to Arizona's SB1070. I encourage everyone to let him know that we expect him to take a pro enforcement stance rather than a pro illegal alien one.
by Erik8436 of KS, Tue 6/8 -

Wyandotte County

I was just wondering if anyone out there had any information on immigration laws being looked at or even discussed for the the State or Wyandotte County ?
by Richard6226 of KS, Fri 1/15 -

Welcome to Your Local Power Page for Senator Sam Brownback

Welcome to our page for Sen. Brownback. Here, you can tell us what you are seeing and hearing about Sen. Brownback and what we can do to help. There are two tools on this page that you can use. First, the Tip-Line allows you to give us a tip about something you feel we need to know. Second, the Discussions allow you to talk with other voters in your area about organizing trips to local political offices, attending town hall meetings, and analyzing what Sen. Brownback most needs to hear to serve your community better on immigration issues. Please feel free to add your comments below!
by Chris Chmielenski, Tue 7/14 -

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