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Immigration-Reduction Report Card

Rep. Trent Franks

Representative Trent Franks

Representative, Republican

Arizona, District 8 ()

Served in House: 2003-2017

This Congress 2019N/A
Recent 2017–2019B+
Career 2003–2017A-

2019–2020No Grade

Overall Grade History
How are Grades Calculated?

Trent Franks's Grade Broken Down
By Subject

Reduce Amnesty Enticements

No Grade

Reduce Illegal Immigration Rewards

No Grade

Reduce Anchor Baby Citizenship

No Grade

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"No Grade" means that the Member did not challenge the Status Quo policies that in total are adding 900,000 new permanent foreign workers a year, are allowing 7 million illegal aliens to keep their jobs, and are forcing around 2.5 million more people a year onto the overloaded physical, natural and social infrastructures of our communities.