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Updated: 06/19/15
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Reduce competition from, and enticement for,
Prevent competition from
Reduce unfair competition from

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Mandate E-Verify-plus
  • We have not been able to locate any comments made by Vice President Biden regarding the E-Verify system.  However, Biden did back the Gang of Eight's 2013 amnesty legislation.  This legislation, while helpful in that it mandated use of the E-Verify system, did not require 100% of employers to use it, had no enforcement mechanism, and did not contain triggers.

Prevent illegal border entries & surges
  • While Vice President Biden initially addressed the border surge by saying, "It will not be open arms. We're going to hold hearings with our judges, consistent with international law and American law, and we're going to send the vast majority of you back," he has done nothing to follow up on these remarks. Biden has been a part of an administration that has addressed the surge by continuing to prevent DHS agents from fulfilling their duties and that has refused to follow the law by completing the border fence. Furthermore, Biden supported the Gang of Eight amnesty that, if passed, would have weakened border security. Sourcehttp://www.washingtonexaminer.com/joe-bidens-empty-threat-wont-halt-flood-of-immigrants/article/2550092

Implement Congress-mandated enforcement & disincentives
  • Vice President Biden is part of an administration that has gutted the 287(g) program and stopped deportations from jails.  In addition, as a member of the U.S. Senate, Biden opposed efforts to defund sanctuary cities, supported in-state tuition for illegal aliens, and voted to give Social Security benefits to illegal aliens.

Finish entry-exit system to track visa overstays
  • Vice President Biden is a member of a presidential administration that has refused to implement a biometric entry/exit system at all ports of entry, as required by Congress.  Furthermore, Biden supported the Gang of Eight amnesty which weakened current law by only requiring the implementation of an entry/exit system at certain points of entry.

End automatic birthright citizenship
  • Vice President Biden did not act to end birthright citizenship while in Congress and we have not found examples of him supporting its elimination.

Oppose work permits for illegal immigrants

Support overall reduction in annual immigration

End chain migration
  • While Vice President Biden supported the Gang of Eight amnesty legislation that substantially reduced chain migration in the long-term, the legislation also provided for a chain migration explosion in the initial years after passage.  Furthermore, this was not a vote specifically on reducing or increasing chain migration and Biden has not addressed this issue.

Protect against unfair work-visa competition

End visa lottery
  • Vice President Biden voted to create the lottery and voted to save the lottery and we have not been able to locate a statement by Biden that indicates he has changed his views.  However, Biden backed the Gang of Eight amnesty that eliminated the visa lottery, showing he is open to compromise when it comes to the lottery.