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Updated: 12/14/15
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Mandate E-Verify-plus

Prevent illegal border entries & surges

Implement Interior Enforcement

Finish entry-exit system to track visa overstays

End automatic birthright citizenship

Oppose work permits for illegal immigrants
  • During a September 2015 CNN interview Mrs. Fiorina said she supported a pathway to legal status and work permits for illegal aliens under certain circumstances.“What I have said, consistently, over five years almost now, is first we must secure the border, to re-instill faith in the American people and our government. Second, we must fix the legal immigration system, because the legal immigration system is contributing to the illegal problem. And finally, for those who have come here illegally, and stayed here illegally, assuming they’re not criminals, in which case they have to leave the country, assuming they pay back taxes, et cetera, I do not belief they earn a pathway to citizenship. There must be consequence for breaking the law. They can earn a pathway to legal status under certain circumstances, so that they can work, but citizenship is a privilege to be earned. And I know too many people, as do you, Hispanics among them, who have studied our history, raised their hands, taken the oath, and earned the privilege of citizenship. And I don’t think you can say to them, never mind, somebody who broke the rules, gets the same privilege that you do.” Source: http://www.breitbart.com/video/2015/09/03/fiorina-non-criminal-illegals-can-earn-a-pathway-to-legal-status-after-border-is-secured/
  • In August 2015 during an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Mrs. Fiorina stated that she opposed giving amnesty to any illegal aliens. She said, “My own view is they do not earn a pathway to citizenship because I know too many people, as do all of us, who have done it the right way.” Source: http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2015/08/18/wsj-cant-get-carly-fiorina-to-criticize-donald-trump-on-immigration/
  • During a Fox News interview in August 2015 Mrs. Fiorina explained that she was against giving amnesty to any illegal alien but suggested that maybe they could earn some type of legal status, possibly a green card. In the interview she said, “In my view they do not earn a pathway to citizenship.  Perhaps, someday they can earn some type of legal status, but they can’t be citizens because there has to be consequence for people who have done it the right way, taken the oath, and learned our history.” Source: http://video.foxnews.com/v/4433483675001/carly-fiorina-lays-out-her-plan-for-border-security/?intcmp=hpnav&playlist_id=2694949842001#sp=show-clips/primetime
  • In a July 2015 speech at the Reagan Library, Mrs. Fiorina said she supports rolling back Obama's Executive Orders, including those that extended benefits to illegal immigrants: “Every single one of those Executive Orders has to be rolled back. They were lawless at the time and they are lawless now.” Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3xXF9Uxuphs&feature=youtu.be
  • In April 2015, Mrs. Fiorina made it clear that she opposes giving citizenship to illegal aliens, but it's unclear if she is open to work permits and legal status. However, she does make it clear that border security needs to come before any other immigration priority. “I don’t think it’s a fair plan to say that people who have come here illegally and have stayed here illegally can earn the same privileges, that is the privilege of citizenship, as someone who has played by the rules and taken all the time and taken all the tests and earned citizenship. I don’t think that’s fair. I think a lot of Americans care very much about fairness, and that doesn’t make them immature, and it doesn’t make them lacking in compassion. It makes them people like me, who understand that while we are a compassionate nation, we are also a nation that believes in fairness.” Source: http://dailycaller.com/2015/04/01/i-dont-think-thats-fair-carly-fiorina-hits-jeb-over-grown-up-immigration-plan-audio/
  • In a June 2015 appearance on MSNBC's "Morning Joe", Mrs. Fiorina said she is supportive of a DREAM-type amnesty, but less open to a mass amnesty. It's unclear whether the amnesty would occur before any enforcement is implemented. "I think legal status is a possibility for sure. I think their children maybe can become citizens. But my own view is that it isn’t fair to say to people who have played by the rules … that you know it just doesn’t matter." Source: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jun/15/carly-fiorina-open-legal-status-adult-illegal-immi/

Support overall reduction in annual immigration
  • Here is an excerpt from an October 2015 interview with Laura Ingraham in which Mrs. Fiorina said that due to the broken immigration system the overall number of immigration should be decreased:
    Ingraham: New examination of the numbers of people coming into the country, legally, not illegally, but legally, and then the total number of immigrants in the country today. . . .  Who voted for that influx of legal immigrants into the United States?
    Fiorina: Well, of course, nobody voted for it and, of course, it is an illustration of the fact that our legal immigration system is as big a problem as anything else. It’s not just that we have people sneaking across the border, it’s not just that we have sanctuary cities, it’s not just that our border is insecure. Our legal immigration system has been a problem for 25 years now, it truly has. We let the wrong people in, we send the wrong people home. And, what this requires is a top to bottom examination of what is our immigration strategy.
    Ingraham: Do you think immigration should be increased into the United States or decreased?
    Fiorina: Well, certainly, given those two choices the answer is decreased, not increased. 
     Source: http://www.lauraingraham.com/b/Carly:-Decrease-Immigration,-Implement-Employer-Verification/374269266630102669.html

  • In a November 2015 campaign stop Mrs. Fiorina said that we should not allow any refugees into the U.S. that cannot be securely vetted. “The first and most important responsibility of government is to protect the homeland. Until they can be appropriately vetted, we can't let them into this country. We know that the Paris attacks, in part, some of the attackers came in streams of refugees," she said. Source: http://www.ktiv.com/story/30591351/2015/11/23/fiorina-weighs-in-on-refugees-in-america

End chain migration
  • We have been unable to determine Mrs. Fiorina's position on chain migration.

Protect against unfair work-visa competition
  • Appearing on the Howie Carr's radio program in June 2015, Mrs. Fiorina criticized Disney's position to fire hundreds of high-tech workers and replace them with H-1B foreign workers. "Did we ask American workers to train foreign workers with H-1b visas so that we can pay them less and lay them off? The answer is most definitely no. When you are asking American workers to give up their jobs and train those who are foreign so that you can pay them less — that’s a bad policy. And I understand why people resent that policy." But when Mrs. Fiorina was asked if she hired H-1B workers as president of Hewlett Packard, she said, "I can’t remember exactly — it was a long time ago — how many [were brought in]. But there were some particular jobs where we needed particular sets of skills, where we were growing a particular business." Source: http://dailycaller.com/2015/06/10/fiorina-slams-disney-admits-she-used-h-1b-program-at-hp/
  • In light of the Disney H-1B worker scandal, Mrs. Fiorina, in June 2015, said the program needed reforms to protect American workers. “The H1B Visa was very different 10 years ago than it is now. In some cases, there are legitimately positions that can only be filled with people who have a different set of skills, but it’s pretty clear that the H1B visa program is an issue,” she said. "It’s become an issue, where people are using it as almost an industry. It’s become an issue where it appears that some companies that are abusing that program and asking American workers to train H1B visa replacements so they can lower wages. That’s a terrible thing. I would never defend that. And so, for those companies that are abusing that program, shame on them,” Fiorina continued. …“I think it illustrates yet again that we have to fix the legal immigration system. We have at least 16 different visa programs and we send the wrong people. We let the wrong people in. We’ve got to fix the legal immigration system. People have talked about it for 25 years,” Fiorina said. Source: http://dailycaller.com/2015/06/19/fiorina-says-h1b-visa-program-changed-since-her-time-at-hewlett-packard/

End visa lottery
  • Mrs. Fiorina has not indicated a position on the visa lottery.