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Russell Best


Updated Monday, June 25, 2012, 3:58 PM EDT


Russell Best (Other)

Candidate Notes

Support Attrition Through Enforcement: We need to fine each employer $10,000 per occurance, after 3 times, go to jail for life.

Support Mandatory E-Verify: A must in all states.

Oppose Sanctuary Policies & Other Incentives: Stop all funding to the state till the cities change their minds. 

Oppose Birthright Citizenship: It's outdated for today. 

Oppose Chain Migration: It should only be immediate family. 

Oppose Visa Lottery: We should stop all lottery for immigration till we are at 4% unemployment. 

Oppose Unnecessary Worker Importation: Or untill we reach 4% unemployment. 

Support a Reduction in Total Immigration: I believe we need to reduce immigration greatly till we got back to a 4% unemployment and then on a low percentage.  


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