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Nick Ciparro


Updated Wednesday, July 18, 2012, 9:22 AM EDT


Nick Ciparro (GOP)

Candidate Notes

Oppose Amnesty: Amnesty is not a solution for the problem. The next question is the solution. 

Support Mandatory E-Verify: In my area, every workplace that uses E-Verify is hiring. This leaves the impression that it works. 

Oppose Sanctuary Policies & Other Incentives: Any state that adopts sanctuary policies is in violation of the commerce clause in the Constitution. 

Oppose Birthright Citizenship: Currently, U.S. Code Title 8 sections 1401-9 state that these people are nationals but not citizens. We should enforce the current laws.

Oppose Visa Lottery: Please not a VISA and a Green card are not the same. But I oppose diving away green cards with no merrit, as well as VISAs.

Oppose Unnecessary Worker Importation: I support getting the best of the best here. To tie strings on that would be a bad idea. I am more in support of keeping jobs here in the first place.

Support a Reduction in Total Immigration:  The addition of legal immigrants is fine. We need to worry about illegals, not the people who want to follow our laws and be food citizens. Illegals are the problem. 



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