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Jonathan Paton


Updated Thursday, October 4, 2012, 12:05 PM EST


Candidate Notes

I am proud to be the author of the nation’s first state-based human smuggling law, as well as voting for and helping to pass SB1070, Arizona’s immigration law.

We must secure the border and stop the vicious drug cartels from making further inroads into Arizona. Something is seriously wrong when signs must be posted telling visitors to stay away from national parks due to drug cartel activity — and yet the federal government does nothing about it.

Rather than mock the problem along our border, Washington needs do something about the urgent crisis we face that is bankrupting our schools and hospitals and putting our communities and law enforcement officers in danger.

We need a major influx of national guardsmen on our border, completion of the double layer fence, more technology and more checkpoints. I believe that border security is national security, and we must proceed with urgency.
-Paton for Congress website 
 “I think that the most important thing, regarding border security is that we have to deploy the National Guard to the border. I think that we need to have consequences; what we had with Senate Bill 1070, which I voted for, and I think that ultimately we should pursue more legal immigration. That is what I would do.”
-Q & A with Congressional District One Candidates, Northern Arizona News, 9.24.12.  


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