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James Lankford


Updated Tuesday, June 17, 2014, 3:41 PM EDT


Candidate Notes

A sweeping immigration bill approved in the U.S. Senate last week doesn't go far enough to address border security and internal checks on immigration status and won't get a hearing in the House, U.S. Rep. James Lankford said Tuesday. "The Senate bill is the Senate bill. It is not the House bill. It will not come up for a vote in the House," Lankford said. "We are working on our own proposals to deal with immigration." While Lankford said the issue of immigration is a politically difficult one, with a wide range of views among those in the Republican caucus, he said action is needed. "This has to be resolved. This is untenable at this point," he said. Lankford noted that much of the immigration problem stems from those who came to the U.S. and overstayed temporary visas and that any reform should include an "exit strategy" for immigrants who fall into that category. "I am glad to receive guests at my house, but I want to know when they're leaving," Lankford said.  Lankford said he supports a path to citizenship for the children of immigrants who entered this country illegally, but not for those who were adults."I separate a 2-year-old who was brought over with a parent from a parent who violated the law," he said.
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