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Jacob Turk


Updated Thursday, August 2, 2012, 4:32 PM EDT


Jacob Turk (GOP)

Candidate Notes

I am against illegal immigration.

I oppose amnesty.

I support legal immigration.

The porous southern border MUST be closed, our northern border security beefed up, and our ports secured. For our southern border, I would insist that the 700 miles of double layer fence that was mandated by Congress in 2006 be built.

Hospitals are overwhelmed, school resources are used up, our law enforcement resources are drained, and our prisons are overflowing in large part due to the waves of illegal aliens invading this country. Americans are paying BILLIONS of dollars, hand over fist, to subsidize the cost of 'cheap' labor, and allowing it to continue is a loss for our economy.

I do not support any additional immigration reform until our borders are secured and illegal immigration is halted. When the fence is built and the border secured, we can move forward on retooling our immigration system.

We say loud and clear:

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