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David Perdue


Updated Friday, June 27, 2014, 12:13 PM EDT


David Perdue (GOP)

Candidate Notes

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David Perdue

Q2: Currently in Georgia, and around the Nation, there is a shortage of talent to fill open technology positions. TAG feels part of this issue is due to current H1B Visa policies that hinder highly educated foreign students from staying within the United States to work. What is your position on H1B Visas as well as border protection and illegal immigration? Would you be willing to address the H1B visa issue as a standalone issue in congress?

First and foremost we must secure our border. It is critical for our national security. However, as a member of the Georgia Tech Foundation Board, I understand that our current immigration laws are hindering our ability to keep talented individuals who are educated in our country living and working in the United States. I support an improved, streamlined and expanded H1B visa program as economic development tool. H1B visas should be addressed as a standalone issue that doesn’t get caught up in the debate over comprehensive immigration reform.


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