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Dave Reichert


Updated Friday, October 3, 2014, 2:35 PM EDT


Candidate Notes

The problem is that those people who came illegally have a responsibility and a debt to pay, but there also is a responsibility on our part to recognize that the fed govt and immigration system failed…failed to secure borders and hold people accountable…that brings us to today to the 12 million folks, what do we do?  What about those folks who have been here 25 years?…what do you do with those people?….I want them to pay a fine, there’s some penalties they have to through, I want to hold them accountable and then they get citizenship and pay taxes.
-Pressi Release, America's Voice, 8.18.2013 http://americasvoiceonline.org/blog/22-washington-states-rep-dave-reichert-is-22nd-republican-to-come-out-for-citizenship/ 


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