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Bob Parker


Updated Friday, July 20, 2012, 11:09 AM EDT


Bob Parker (GOP)

Candidate Notes

Border Security: I believe we must do whatever it takes to control our borders which includes fences and even troops on the border if needed... whatever it takes.

Birthright Citizenship: I will support legislation to stop illegal immigrants who have babies on US soil, from becoming instant US citizens. Under current law in the US these babies become US citizens. I think that is wrong, and I would support legislation to change it.

Oppose Amnesty: I am opposed to granting citizenship to illegal immigrants. I support programs that allow foreign workers to come to the US legally to work. I believe that illegal immigrants should be deported from Missouri. I believe in the rule of law. What part of ’’in the country illegally’’ do folks not understand? The Parker policy is that illegal immigrants go back home. Period.

-Bob Parker for Congress website on Issues Page 


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