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Russell Anderson


Updated Wednesday, February 29, 2012, 1:36 PM EDT


Candidate Notes

Oppose Amnesty: "If they are here illegally and they are not refugees, then they should be deported and go through the process legally."

Support Attrition Through Enforcement: "There are problems here. ICE official have not been doing their jobs. Perhaps there are problems with the current enforcement, and I think everything needs to be evaluated."

Support Mandatory E-Verify: "I agree, but we have to be careful with this technology. It should be used only on illegal immigrants." 

Support Local Enforcement: "Local enforcement should take the lead."

Oppose Sanctuary Policies & Other Incentives: "There is a need to give asylum to refugees."

Support Border Security: "We cannot afford it."

Oppose Birthright Citizenship: "This was an amendment that has served its purpose to end slavery. Now the citizenry are becoming enslaved because of it."

Oppose Chain Migration: "Unless the family is fleeing a tyranical and hostile government."

Support a Reduction in Total Immigration: "We should expedite immigration for the brightest and hardest working immigrants. That's what made America great."


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