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2015-01-07 (All day)

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H.R. 191, the Repeal Executive Amnesty Act of 2015, would: 1) Prohibit the President's use of granting parole to illegal aliens; 2) Prohibit the Administration from granting work permits to all illegal aliens; 3) Defund all executive actions on immigration, including all memos issued by the Department of Homeland Security; 4) Close the loophole that played a large role in last summer's border surge by treating illegal aliens from non-contiguous countries the same as contiguous countries, making them easier to remove; 5) Prohibit illegal aliens from accessing Social Security, medicare, and benefits from the Affordable Care Act; 6) Reinstate the Secure Communities program; 7) Restrict federal funding to municipalities that provide sanctuary to illegal aliens; 8) Prohibit the government from providing legal council to illegal aliens in removal proceedings; and 9) Restrict the Administration's ability to grant and extend Temporary Protected Status to illegal aliens. The bill would also increase pay for ICE agents.

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H.R. 191