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2015-01-13 (All day)

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NumbersUSA took an unusual step and scored the April 23, 2015 vote for the confirmation of Ms. Lynch as a vote against against the rule of law, and against the interests of American workers. The Office of the Attorney General, the top law enforcement office in the country, is a position that should be reserved for qualified individuals with the utmost regard for the rule of law. Unfortunately, while Ms. Lynch served honorably as the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, she indicated during the confirmation process that she did not have that regard for duly enacted immigration laws. She deemed "reasonable" President Obama's unprecedented and unconstitutional amnesties. Her dismissive attitude about the seriousness of enforcing immigration laws was largely explained in her initial answer to Senate questioning about whether the priority for U.S. jobs should be that they go to unlawfully present foreign workers or to legal workers of our nation. Ms. Lynch answered that everybody should be getting U.S. jobs regardless of their legal status, despite the fact that the primary purpose of immigration laws is to protect vulnerable American workers.

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Loretta Lynch Nomination



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Reduce Amnesty Enticements