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2013-06-03 04:00

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H.R. 2220, the SMART Act of 2013, would make efforts to achieve border security along the international border with Mexico. First, the bill requires the Secretary of Homeland Security to achieve and maintain operational control of only the Southwest border, which is defined as a 90% probability that all illegal border crossers are apprehended and narcotics and other contraband are seized. The Secretary must then report on such actions, which will be reviewed by the GAO, and voted on by the Senate and House in a Joint Resolution of Disapproval on Operational Control within 90 days of receiving the GAO’s analysis. A maximum of 10,000 additional National Guard are authorized for deployment at the request of the border state governors to aid in border control activities. However, if operational control is not achieved at the maximum level, additional numbers may be provided. The Secretary is also authorized to utilize “smart” technologies along areas of the border where operational control has not yet been achieved. In addition, in order to increase safety and law enforcement efficiency along the border, this bill authorizes the Secretary of Defense to transfer used military equipment to appropriate Federal, State, and local law enforcement organizations, calls for an additional 1,500 CBP agents (with preferred procedures for hiring U.S. veterans), and provides grants to local Sheriffs associations for hiring new officers and to areas along the border where access to mobile communications is limited. In response to allegations that the DHS is double-counting turn-arounds in order to increase their deportation numbers, this bill clarifies that apprehensions along the border may only be counted once. Finally, the bill requires the Secretary of DHS to implement the biometric entry-exit system at all ports of entry within 2 years.

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H.R. 2220