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2014-07-17 (All day)

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H.R. 5143, the Protection of Children Act of 2014, would take excellent steps to resolve the surge of unaccompanied alien children (UACs) along the Southwest border. First, it removes the requirement that only UACs from contiguous countries receive expedited removal. In addition, children are no longer required to make their own independent decision to withdraw their applications for admission, and immigration officers who determine such children are inadmissible may withdraw their applications and return them to their home countries. The transfer time of UACs to HHS is extended to allow for review, and various improvements are made to the SIJ visa and asylum programs. Notably, this bill requires detailed information to be reported to DHS regarding the individuals with whom UACs are placed, including name, social security number, and immigration status. DHS is required to then investigate those with unknown immigration status and initiate removal proceedings on those unlawfully present.

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H.R. 5143