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2013-11-21 05:00

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H.R. 3611, the DHS Immigration Accountability and Transparency Act of 2013, would require the Secretary of DHS to submit a detailed annual report on immigration policy directives, covering matters ranging from previous removal statistics and the estimated number of aliens present without lawful status to the number of immigration cases closed due to immigration policy directives. In response to recent reports that the Administration is “cooking the books” on its removal numbers, detailed information is required regarding the methods by which the statistics were compiled. Further, the Secretary will be required to file detailed reports on all new immigration policy directives, which include estimates of the number of aliens in the U.S. whose statuses will be modified as a result of the change. With the ultimate goal of holding the Secretary of DHS accountable for actions taken regarding immigration, H.R. 3611 is an excellent step.

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H.R. 3611



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