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2011-07-06 04:00

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The bill would allow the Secretary of Homeland Security to grant “temporary” legal status (i.e., amnesty) to 1,350,000 qualified aliens over a 5 year period. If the alien can verify at least 863 hours (less than half a “standard” work year of 50 weeks) or 150 days of agricultural work in the United States, they can be awarded a “blue card” allowing these aliens and their families to remain in the U.S. and apply for legal residency. To earn their “blue card” amnesty, these aliens must continue to work in agriculture for: 100 work days for five straight years after enactment, 150 work days for three straight years after enactment, or a combination of 150 work days per year for three years and 100 work days for the fourth year.

To exempt certain farm vehicles from certain operating requirements, and for other purposes.

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H.R. 2414



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Reduce Amnesty Enticements