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2009-02-25 05:00

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H.R. 1199, Scott Gardner Act, would require DHS to share immigration information with the Department of Justice and submit a joint report to Congress about improving federal immigration databases. It would require each state and their local law enforcement agencies to collect and report all immigration and DWI-related information to receive State Criminal Alien Assistance Program funding. DWI-related information would then appear as a flag on the wants/warrants page of the National Crime Information Center database. This bill would also require DHS to reimburse costs associated with training law enforcement employees on how to work with federal immigration laws and would authorize these agencies to apprehend and detain an alien for certain violations. It would require each state's motor vehicle administrator to share with DHS all information concerning aliens with records of DWI convictions or refusals to take sobriety tests.

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H.R. 1199



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