Published Date:  

2010-09-22 04:00

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The bill would amnesty certain illegal aliens under the pretense of providing educational opportunities for children. Specifically, this version is identical to the 2009 bill except Sen. Durbin removed “of good moral character since time of application” and replaced it with “of good moral character since date of the enactment of this act.” Also, he added a section limiting the application period to one year after the alien is admitted to an institution of higher education or has earned high school diploma or GED.

A bill to amend the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 to permit States to determine State residency for higher education purposes and to authorize the cancellation of removal and adjustment of status of certain alien students who are long-term United States residents and who entered the United States as children, and for other purposes.

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No Position

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S. 3827