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2009-12-15 05:00

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This bill is a 677 page compilation of existing bills that would redefine immigration policy in support of open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens. Among numerous provisions, it would:
Use “environmental protection” as an excuse to prevent federal and state agencies from patrolling large areas of the border
Suspend Operation Streamline, which was a zero tolerance program along the southern border, where violators were detained and prosecuted for federal immigration offenses, rather than immediately released back to their home country to try again.
Provide expedited healthcare for illegal alien detainees with new minimum treatment requirements including such as preexisting conditions and full health screenings.
Provide unlimited telephone access, social services, translators, and legal services to illegal alien detainees.
Limit detainee transfers, which could increase releases at congested detention facilities.
Release any alien deemed “vulnerable” without further supervision
Provide sanctuary for illegal aliens by prohibiting apprehensions near schools, community centers, churches, courthouses, hospitals, etc.
Provide U visas to certain illegal workers who accuse their employers of exploiting them, violating their civil rights, or preventing them from joining a union.
Repeal 287(g) and prevent states from enforcing immigration laws
Replace E-Verify
Establish a PUM visa to provide 100,000 visas annually for three years to countries with large numbers of unauthorized (illegal) immigrants. These visas would be distributed by lottery, similar to the current visa lottery system.
Exempt aliens who earn a master’s degree in math, science, technology, or engineering at a United States institution from the numerical limitations on H-1B nonimmigrants. Specifically, this legislation would offer permanent residence status to doctors, teachers, and engineers, driving down wages and creating undue competition for high-skilled American workers.
“Recapture unused employment-based visas” and “unused family -sponsored immigrant visas” between fiscal years 1992 and 2009 and establish a formula for calculating the number of “unused visas” (even though visas not allocated in a certain category in any given year are made available for other categories, so there really is no such thing as an "unused" visa). The result of this “recapture” is a backdoor immigration increase amounting to thousands of visas a year.
Expand chain migration by redefining "immediate relatives" and allowing eligibility for citizens or lawful permanent residents. In addition, it would expand chain migration by increasing the number of adult married children, adult unmarried children, and brothers and sisters of naturalized citizens.
Exempt immediate relatives from the annual cap on the number of immigrant visas and increase the number of visas issued per country per year.
Permit qualified workers eligible for an employment based petition to receive work authorization until a visa becomes available.
Exempt foreign nurses from current numerical limitations and provide new programs to fund and train domestic nursing other health care professionals.
Allow more discretionary authority to waive unlawful presence in order to reunite families.
Permit an immigration judge to decline to order the removal of the parent of a U.S. citizen child if the judge determines that removal would not be in the child's best interests.
Alter the eligibility requirements for immigrant sponsorship by reducing the level of support required from 125% of poverty level to 100% of poverty level.
Include the DREAM Act to offer benefits and amnesty certain illegal aliens under the pretense of providing educational opportunities for children brought to the United States before age 16.
Allow certain nonimmigrants, including their spouses and children, to apply for lawful permanent resident status (green card) and eventual citizenship. In addition, immigrants who adjust from a conditional nonimmigrant visa (including dependents) to lawful permanent resident status would not be counted against the worldwide numerical visa caps.
Permanently reauthorize the EB-5 visa program and expand it to 10,000 total visas.
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Finally, this bill would provide amnesty to almost any illegal alien present as of December 15, 2009 (or anyone who makes that claim) and pays a meager $500 fine.

To provide for comprehensive immigration reform, and for other purposes.

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H.R. 4321