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2007-05-10 04:00

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Would require DHS, when a fine is received from an offending employer, to credit the account of the state in which the violation occurred within the newly-established Illegal Alien State Reimbursement Fund and would require states to use amounts received from DHS under this bill solely for payments to local educational agencies, public health care providers, and law enforcement agencies for the purpose of assisting state and local governments with meeting the costs associated with serving illegal aliens; and would require a state to redistribute two-thirds of its DHS payment, within 60 days of receipt by the state, to appropriate counties and units of local government in accordance with a system that the state must develop that provides for opportunities for input from all counties and units of local government in the state and that targets the areas of greatest need.

To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to improve enforcement of restrictions on employment in the United States of unauthorized aliens and to reimburse State and local governments for costs associated with serving illegal aliens.

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H.R. 2271



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Reduce Illegal Jobs & Presence