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2007-07-24 04:00

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The bill would authorize increased prison sentences for aliens who have re-entered the United States following removal and for whom removal: (1) resulted from conviction for commission of two or more (reduced from three by this bill) misdemeanors involving drugs, crimes against the person, or both, or a felony (other than an aggravated felony); (2) resulted from conviction for commission of an aggravated felony; (3) resulted from exclusion based on involvement in terrorist activities; or (4) occurred following a determination that removal during incarceration for a nonviolent offense would be in the best interest of the United States or the state in which the alien is incarcerated.

To amend the Immigration and Nationality Act to increase criminal penalties for certain removed aliens who illegally reenter the United States.

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H.R. 3145



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Reduce Illegal Jobs & Presence