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2007-01-11 05:00

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The bill would toughen document fraud laws by, among other things: (1) penalizing those who traffic in 10 or more passports or visas by up to 20 years in prison; (2) establishing a new crime to penalize sham attorneys and legal experts who engage in schemes to defraud aliens based on immigration laws; (3) establishing criminal penalties `for those who conspire and/or attempt to commit passport and visa fraud; (4) clarifying that these laws apply to both U.S. and foreign passports; and (5) stipulating that there is extraterritorial jurisdiction over these offenses (i.e., the United States may prosecute individuals who may have committed an offense while abroad).

A bill to strengthen the consequences of the fraudulent use of United States or foreign passports and for other purposes.

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S. 276



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Reduce Illegal Jobs & Presence