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2005-11-14 05:00

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H.R. 4317, the Truth in Immigration (TRIM) Act, would require DHS to annually report to Congress on the number of illegal aliens in the United States, listed by country of residence; would reduce the total per-country level of legal immigration determined for each country by 50 percent of the number of illegal aliens from that country who were residing in the United States as of August 31 of the preceding fiscal year; and would establish the following as the order in which reductions in legal immigrant admissions would be implemented: (1) visa lottery winners; (2) U.S. citizens’ brothers and sisters; (3) U.S. citizens’ married sons and married daughters; (4) lawful permanent resident aliens’ unmarried sons and unmarried daughters; (5) U.S. citizens’ unmarried sons and daughters; (6) skilled workers, professionals, and other specified workers; (7) special immigrants; (8) members of the professions holding advanced degrees or aliens of exceptional ability; (9) priority workers; (10) employment creation aliens; (11) veteran or active duty special immigrants; (12) lawful permanent resident aliens’ spouses and children; and (13) aliens not subject to quotas.

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H.R. 4317