Published Date:  

2006-09-27 04:00

Public Description:  

The bill would grant U.S. citizenship to a noncitizen who is an active-duty member of the U.S. Armed Forces after performing at least two years of honorable and satisfactory service on active duty; would require such individuals also to meet the following criteria before being granted U.S. citizenship: (1) file an application for naturalization in accordance with DHS and DOD procedures; (2) demonstrate to his/her military chain of command proficiency in the English language, good moral character, and knowledge of U.S. government and history, consistent with Federal immigration law’s requirements; and (3) take the oath of allegiance in an oath administration ceremony; would require that citizenship be granted to noncitizen active-duty military personnel within 90 days of fulfillment of all of the above requirements; and would require DHS to: (1) use the fingerprints provided by an individual at the time he/she enlists in the Armed Forces to satisfy any naturalization-related fingerprint requirement; and (2) establish a dedicated toll-free service available to the Armed Forces that provides information related to naturalization through military service, including the status of an application for naturalization.

A bill to permit the Secretary of Homeland Security to grant citizenship to an alien who serves on active duty in the Armed Forces, to assist such an alien in applying for citizenship, and for other purposes.

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No Position

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S. 3947