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2006-09-25 04:00

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The bill would require DHS’ Inspector General (IG) to review, in a timely manner, each contract action related to the Secure Border Initiative having a value greater than $20 million to determine whether the action fully complies with applicable cost requirements, performance objectives, program milestones, timelines, etc., and would require the IG to report his findings – including any cost overruns, delays in execution, lack of departmental contract management or oversight, etc. – to the Secretary of DHS; would require the Secretary to submit a report on the IG’s review to Congress within 30 days of receiving the IG’s review, and would require this report to include information regarding the steps the Secretary has taken, or plans to take, to address the problems identified in the IG’s review; would authorize appropriations for these reviews for fiscal years 2007 through 2009; and would require the IG to notify the Secretary, as soon as possible, if the IG becomes aware of any improper conduct or wrongdoing associated with a contract review.

To require financial accountability with respect to certain contract actions related to the Secure Border Initiative of the Department of Homeland Security.

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No Position

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H.R. 6162