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2006-09-29 04:00

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H.R. 6283, the Nuclear Family Priority Act, would restrict allocation of family-sponsored immigrant visas so that only spouses or children of an lawful permanent resident (LPR) alien could obtain such visas; would reduce the number of family-sponsored immigrant visas available per fiscal year to 88,000 minus the number of aliens who were paroled into the United States for humanitarian reasons in the second preceding fiscal year: (1) who did not depart from the United States (without advance parole) within 365 days; and (2) who either did not acquire LPR status in the two preceding fiscal years or acquired LPR status in those years under a provision of law which exempts adjustment of status from this bill’s numerical limitations on the worldwide level of immigration; would codify protection from unmarried dependent alien children “aging out” (e.g., college students dependent on parents) of eligibility for admission as a family-sponsored immigrant, but also would dramatically reduce the number of aliens who could benefit from such protections; and would clarify that this bill’s provisions take effect the first day of the second fiscal year beginning after enactment, except that the following would be invalid: (1) any petition filed after September 29, 2006, seeking preference or immediate relative status under a family-sponsored immigrant category eliminated by this bill; and (2) any application for an immigrant visa based on such a petition.

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H.R. 6283



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Reduce Chain Migration