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2006-09-26 04:00

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The bill would require DHS, in consultation with the Social Security Administration (SSA), to establish an employer data-sharing program under which SSA would provide DHS, at the latter’s request: (1) a list of employers who are determined by SSA to have employed, during any period to which the request relates, any employee whose Social Security number (SSN), as provided to the employer, did not match SSA records; and (2) the number of instances occurring during that period of the employment by each employer of such an employee; would prohibit disclosed information from being used by DHS for purposes other than those outlined in this data-sharing program; and would exempt the Treasury Department from the requirement that it maintain a record of requests for inspection or disclosure of tax information disclosed as a result of a DHS request under this program, but would require DHS to: (1) maintain adequate safeguards to protect the disclosed information; and (2) return the information to the Treasury Department upon completion of use.

To amend title II of the Social Security Act to provide for employer data sharing with the Department of Homeland Security regarding employers of employees with mismatched social security account numbers.

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H.R. 6183