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2005-09-29 04:00

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H.R. 3938, the Enforcement First Immigration Reform Act, would: 1) reduce rewards for illegal immigration by prohibiting Social Security for illegal aliens, 2) reduce chain migration by eliminating the Family 4th Preference category which allots 65,000 visas each year to the siblings of adult U.S. citizens, 3) eliminate birthright citizenship, the process that automatically grants citizenship to the estimated 250,000 U.S.-born children of illegal aliens each year, 4) eliminate the visa lottery program which awards 55,000 visas annually through a random drawing, 5) increase border controls by authorizing the use of the military on the border, increasing the number of BP agents, CBP officers, and ICE inspectors, and authorize $5 billion over 5 years for border patrol equipment and stations, and 6) increase interior enforcement by expanding expedited removal, requiring mandatory workplace verification, clarifying the authority of state and local law enforcement to assist in enforcement of immigration laws, requiring immigration violators to be entered in the NCIC database, increasing document security and increasing information sharing. However, H.R. 3938 would also increase the annual cap on employment-based visas by 120,000 to a total of 260,000. In addition, it would double from 10,000 to 20,000 the number of legal, permanent, resident visas for unskilled workers.

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H.R. 3938