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2006-09-27 04:00

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This bill would render inadmissible and deportable any alien who DHS, the Attorney General, or a consular officer knows or has reason to suspect that the alien is either a member of a criminal street gang or who has participated in or supported illegal gang activity; and would require DHS, after making a determination that the government of a foreign country has denied or unreasonably delayed accepting an alien who is a national of that country after the alien has been ordered removed – and after consultation with the State Department – to instruct the State Department to deny a visa to any national of that country until the country accepts the alien ordered removed.

A bill to make an alien who is a member of a criminal gang removable from the United States and inadmissible to the United States, to permit the Secretary of Homeland Security to deny a visa to an alien who is a national of a country that has denied or delayed accepting an alien removed from the United States, and for other purposes.

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S. 3946