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  by  Roy Beck

Many of your friends and neighbors -- perhaps even you -- have a tendency to have sympathy for the open-borders advocates' argument that it is a humanitarian obligation to move the minors arriving at our border to shelters around the United States.

In fact, this mass "humanitarian" transportation of illegal aliens from our borders into our interior threatens to create far more danger, abuse, rape, illness and even death for Central American teens.


Because all of those terrible things are happening to the young Central Americans as they make the arduous journey to our border and because the only reason they are doing it is because they believe they have a chance of remaining in this country.

Every story about a busload of illegal aliens arriving in a U.S. community will spur at least five more busloads of minors to risk their dignity, health and lives to leave Central America.

Keep in mind that very few minors were making this journey until the Obama Administration went around Congress and gave work permits to hundreds of thousands of younger illegal aliens two years ago. The number storming our border has increased rapidly as the news media have trumpeted around the world that if Congress doesn't pass an even-larger amnesty the Administration will grant the amnesty on its own.

THAT is why this mass movement to our border is happening.

Pres. Obama and other Administration officials have repeatedly said in the last two weeks that Central Americans must know that they will not be allowed to stay if they show up at the border. That they will eventually be required to go home.

In other words, the Obama Administration agrees with me that the only way to stop the Surge is for Central American communities to see all their neighbors returning from the U.S.

The problem is that the Administration is NOT sending the minors back to Central America. Not many, anyway.

Instead, Central America is seeing the Federal government quietly attempt to relocate the "Surgers" in all kinds of UNITED STATES communities (and without consulting local residents).

It is important that the news in Central America contain very different images and signals of UNwelcome -- in order to reduce the number of minors enticed into the dangers of a trip north.

Thus, the truly humanitarian actions are coming from those who are showing up at city council meetings to protest relocations and who are physically blocking the arrival of buses.


Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) offered a very sensible proposal to the Federal Emergency Management Agency:

[M]ore than 92 percent of these individuals who have been part of the recent influx at our southern border come from must three countries El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras. Therefore, my top three suggestions for shelter locations are as follows: Guatemala City, Guatemala; San Salvador, El Salvador; Tegucigalpa, Honduras."

For the few Surgers who have truly legitimate reasons to fear their neighbors (not the government), they can be sheltered in their own country while alternate settlement can be found -- in THEIR country. These are not countries where nobody is able to live safely. It will be much cheaper to run the shelters in those countries than in U.S. communities.

And moving everybody to shelters in their own country should stop the storming of our border because it will clarify in a way that the Obama Administration has failed to do thus far that you will not be rewarded for coming across our borders uninvited.

ROY BECK is Founder & President of NumbersUSA

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Updated: Thu, Jul 17th 2014 @ 7:45pm EDT

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The "SURGERS" should be relocated to Mexico City. Until they relize we've had enough they will keep on letting these people come.

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They should be turned back rather than brought in with TB, H1N1 flu, scabies and lice. When will American citizens stop this outrageous activity and demand our immigration laws be enforced, even if it means impeachment, and CLOSE THE BORDER - NOT OPEN IT.

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Roy, as you correctly point out, the result would just be more Illegals.

They need to go home, quickly, as this is the only solution that actually would work.

We can provide transportation, or they can walk back home just they way they walked here.

Betty  8317 of CA's picture

Yes, this so called "humanitarian" transporting of these illegal children and "adults"needs to be stopped immediately!
It is so unfair to us the American citizens who have had enough of these illegals being allowed to cross into
our country because our government refuses to secure our borders,and wants even more millions of our tax money to care for them! They are not our problem and should be transported back to their own countries. The more we let in the more will come. I feel if our politicians do not intend to protect our nation and our people and enforce our nations laws, they should be removed from office or resign and make way for people who will work in favor of their fellow Americans!
Enough is enough! Our immigration problems keep getting worse
year after year. We need new strong politicians that has the
intelligence to do what is right for OUR country!! Amnesty is
not the answer! We must do something before we have a civil war. Close our borders!!

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Vince 0041 of PA's picture

Mexico allowed these "kids" to pass through on their way here. Send these "kids" back to Mexico and let them deal with this problem. March them across the border at gunpoint, see that the Mexican and Central American TV networks carry it.

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June 2014, in North Carolina there were at least 112 charges of sexual crimes against CHILDREN by ILLEGAL ALIENS.

May 2014, ILLEGAL ALIENS achieved more than 230 charges of sex crimes against CHILDREN just in N.C.

April 2014, more than 390 sex crimes against CHILDREN charged against ILLEGAL ALIENS in NC.

250 more in March

154 more in Feb.

My point. If Ellmers and the rest of Congress can turn a blind eye to the crisis of CHILDREN in their own district getting raped and abused by having an open border; why would we expect them to care about this new surge coming from Central America being abused along the way?

The ones that make it through are the future peach pickers and landscapers and hotel maids and more importantly, the future BIG GUV voters. Isn't that what the S.744 was about? The rest is just collateral damage. The risk of doing business here in the big leagues.

Besides, the compassionate taxpayers will provide psychiatric and medical care for those traumatized girls. The taxpayers will feed and care for their illegitimate babies. There is always more money to throw at the problem.

The bitter reality, yesterday there was a congresswoman handing out lollipops at the border. That is the reality.

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Michael 4117 of SD's picture

How many thousands of dollars were paid to coyotes by "POOR" people from Central America.

If they were that poor, they WOULDN'T have $5000.00 or more to gamble!

Dayne 4589 of FL's picture

There are no words for how I feel about my country now.
We are witnessing a war against the USA without any weapons. They are using children against us and at this point, I feel we are being defeated. No one in our elected congress/senate speaking out, state leaders doing nothing. Even Fox news has been avoiding this issue. I wonder who is really behind this attack on our country. And Mexico, are they being paid to enhance this? We have lost the USA.

John 3786 of FL's picture

I have to agree with you Dayne.....The country will eventually "fall" and nary a shot fired....immigration is what will destroy the country, then we will be "like everybody else" dreams, no jobs, no future...

Van 0864 of VA's picture

Hang in there, Dayne. Nothing is lost. It's just taking a while for the House to react. Obama won't get the money he wants if the surge aliens are not deported

Thomas 2924 of IN's picture

Obama's cynical decision to make our country "Child Protective Services" to the whole world is just another way to lure more illegal aliens to our country. He knew this surge was coming, his administration was even planning for it in January.

We usually impeach presidents for the crimes they have committed. We need to impeach this one for the crimes against the American people that he has done and continues to do and openly threatens to commit in ever more aggravated ways. We are dealing with a dictator.

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Robert 4907 of DE's picture

As usual, Roy, great post.

These illegal alien children MUST be sent back to their own country where they belong. If their parents are here, round them up and deport them also. We MUST keep families together. Illegal aliens scream when we deport illegal aliens we are breaking up families. I must admit, this is wrong, but it is a problem with this illegal immigration. This is why we need comprehensive ENFORCEMENT reform, and we need it bad! We MUST get rid of these illegal aliens!

David 3281 of IN's picture

I too have believed for some time that there are 2 main reasons for so-called "Immigration Reform", "Open-Borders", and the "Border Surge". The "Big Banks", financial institutions, Chamber of Commerce, Corporations, Etc, all see this influx of more people and children (Immigrants) as "Consumers". "Consumers", buying more of their products, taking out more loans, getting more "Credit Cards", buying more cars, buying more phones, etc. Of course, that means more profits, for them.
Secondly, this means that with a larger population of "Consumers" (Immigrants), that somehow most of those people will find jobs, receive paychecks, and then become taxpayers. Not just for income taxes, but for all the taxes assessed on the millions of other products and services provided (ie. Gas taxes). More money for the government.
"Big Business" and some politicians try to tell us that increasing immigration, thereby our population, will create more jobs. Well, some maybe, but the question is...What kinds of jobs? Low-paying or good-paying? Service or professional? Full-time or more Part-time? With benefits or without? Oops, no answer for that.
Obviously, using children in a "Border Surge" is to create a sympathetic response for increased immigration, but anyone with some "Common Sense" can see that is plainly wrong in that those children will suffer in one way or another the after affects of that "Atrocity in Action". Criminal acts and fear lasting for years by the "Enablers" of that all. All for money!

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Debbie 1145 of CA's picture

Absolutely correct....again. I'm ashamed to say that our church has decided to help these illegals. They were contacted by some government authority and have given in. When will people learn this can never help our people and our nation?! It only worsen things and we cannot afford this. Get ready for scabies, TB, rubella and all the rest of the diseases these people are carrying. Despite Obozo's black out, the truth is getting out that Border Patrol personnel have come down with scabies and others have TB (school in Sacramento for one).

If you believe that God wants us to accept illegals, you need to read your Bible again and see what He told Israel about accepting strangers. Yes, we all feel for people who live in third world nations but we cannot have them coming here. What good is it going to do when the USA completely collapses and we've spread horrible diseases all over our country?

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William 6898 of AZ's picture

ANYBODY with an ounce of brain-matter knows B.O. is the cause of this invasion. Were he REALLY concerned about stopping this, the border would be sealed by the National Guard!

Philip 5927 of AZ's picture

There is a bad news for Arizona. In an appeals court, U.S. District Judge David Campbell decided to side with illegal immigration rights advocates for young illegal aliens. He blocked Gov. Jan Brewer from denying driver's licenses to young illegal aliens even though he knows that Obama's DACA program is unconstitutional. He sounded as if he thinks she is wrong. He said, "the immigration rights advocates are likely to succeed in arguing that the state lets some immigrants with work permits get driver's licenses but won't let immigrants protected under Obama's program." He did explain with ambiguity. It is very sickening to see that a big victory is given to these lawbreakers. I am still shocked and disappointed about it. They should not have been here in the first place. They still have no rights. I honestly think this judge did a lousy job because he happens to be soft-hearted to them. I protest his decision. I hope his decision will be overturned soon.

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Philip 5927 of AZ's picture

I really don't like Judge David Campbell's statement -- "the immigration rights advocates are likely to succeed in arguing that the state lets some immigrants with work permits get driver's license . . ." That statement bothers me a lot. He sounded like he encourages all immigration rights advocates to keep fighting for young illegal aliens in the courts. He obviously supports these young illegal aliens. I wonder who did appoint this liberal judge.

John 5120 of PA's picture

Who will take responsibility for all of the rapes, murders, assaults, robberies, thefts, disease, garbage, etc. caused and spread by this horde of uneducated and dangerous illegals crossing the border with O'bumber's blessing? Does anyone really believe that we can make "good Americans" out of these people? Do you think they care about our history, our laws, and respect for others? They have proven time and time again that they do not.

Betsy 2914 of MA's picture

So true and sad the people running this country are so "blind" they can not or will not see.
The illegals DO NOT respect our laws etc...they throw it in our faces that they are here "illegally". Why should they have "any rights" here, why do we even allow them to "protest"?? If our "forefathers" could see what this country has come to, they would roll over in their graves! Any American who feels sorry for them should take them into their homes and support them etc.. We have plenty of crime (shootings, drug dealers, rapes etc etc) in this country with our own citizens. We don't need anymore!

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Betsy 2914 of MA's picture

I do not understand why no one is really doing anything to resolve this problem ASAP....there is just "talk" and no "action".
Why do any of the illegals have to be "processed" and then sent to different locations across the country, to be "LOST IN THE SHUFFLE" and end up being allowed to stay here.....any of their relatives are probably here illegally too! If we can spend billions of dollars for them, why can't that money be spent on securing our borders??? I am so disgusted with the politicians, both sides, they do not deserve to be in office and they don't deserve my vote!! They are selling the country out and for what? Cheap labor? Allowing them to stay here is going to cost us $$$. We have to support them, school them and care for their aliments. And who's to say what terrorists might be among them? The US should come "first"! It seems like the illegals are given "more rights" than the tax paying Americans!

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Gaetano 2261 of TX's picture

These people are criminals and therefore they should be treated as such. They are not refugees from some natural disaster they are criminals and not one more penny should be spent on them other than their trip back to their country of origin. By providing for these criminals we send out a welcome invitation to the rest of mexico and central america that not only will they be accepted but given all the rights of American Citizens

Charles 3427 of NC's picture

Regardless weather they [say] they are from "Guatemala City, Guatemala; San Salvador, El Salvador; Tegucigalpa, Honduras." they are still coming from Mexico. So don't let them cross the boarder, let Mexico deal with them. I'd wager Mexico will secure they're southern border real quick.

Terri 7092 of IL's picture

Roy, how high is the possibility that Obama will give these people the vote before Nov? I can't think of any other reason why he's letting them all stay.

Van 0864 of VA's picture

Zero. I can't think of any circumstances under which that could happen. He's letting them stay for the same reason he supports amnesty. He thinks they'll eventually become Democratic voters

Victoria 8093 of TX's picture

In 90's (after the "Perestroyka"and U.S.S.R collapsed), lots of Russians came to East of Ukraine and Crimea. In Ukraine they received a job,housing etc., settled with families. Many of them still have a Russian citizenship with the permanent residency in Ukraine, some of them received Ukrainian passport and citizenship,because Russian can have a dual citizenship.Today, 24 years later, the same people declared they want to be with Russia, and Ukrainian Cities must be part of Russia.They do not packed they staff and did not go to Russia. They started war in Ukraine with support of Putin.They want to have a Ukrainian land, part of the country and make it as a Russian federation. They do not want to learn or speak Ukrainian language,demanding that Russian should be state official language......
I am afraid this can happened with USA, when some of our "guests" will start to demand to give them more then humanitarian help: our land, our language,our freedom and independence.

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Albert 3441 of PA's picture

Irredentism is a term that originated with the consolidation of the Italian nation-state in 1870. Ethnically Italian areas that were not included (eg, Corsica, Nice, and Dalmatia) were considered irredenta (unredeemed). Since then, the attempt by nations to reclaim their "unredeemed" people has been known as irredentism.

Irredentism played an important role in starting WWI and WWII, and today it is the main cause of the conflict that is going on in the eastern Ukraine.

Mexico has always resented the annexation of half its territory by the US in 1848, and recolonizing this region with illegal aliens from Mexico is like pouring gasoline on a smoldering ember.

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Albert 3441 of PA's picture

It is not so much an effort to get revenge (although Mexican hostility to the US is legendary) as it is an effort to use demographic change to strengthen Mexico's historical claim to the US southwest. Instead of just saying, "This is our land because it used to belong to us", they will be able to say, "This is our land because it is inhabited by our people."

Cynthia 2502 of TX's picture

Glenn Beck of course is doing the opportunist bit on TV tonight supporting churches etc. What has Glenn Beck done for American children who are not making due to gang violence in this country or their parents not getting jobs or are not getting in state tuition? Does he love American children too? Doesn't seem like it. He sounds like an opportunist who is getting money for taking a position that is not popular.