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Within minutes of the Associated Press calling last night's North Carolina 2nd Congressional District primary for Rep. Renee Ellmers, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg's pro-amnesty group,, congratulated her on both its Facebook page and on Twitter. called the election results a "clear sign voters are ready for immigration reform" after dumping a six-figure ad buy into her district to help her win the primary. The ads, however, claimed she opposes amnesty, but' vision of "immigration reform" clearly includes amnesty for the nation's 11-18 million illegal aliens.

Despite throwing around the ambiguous term "immigration reform", defines it on its website. In addition to the typical tongue-in-cheek talking points we hear from pro-amnesty groups -- securing the border, workplace verification, and strengthening the economy -- includes a pathway to citizenship for illegal aliens:

Create a pathway to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants currently living in the United States that do not have legal status.

The television ad that (under the pseudonym Americans for a Conservative Direction) was running in Ellmers' district stated, "[she's] working hard to secure the border and fix our broken immigration system once and for all. No amnesty, period." But how can Renee Ellmers oppose amnesty when she's receiving a significant amount of help from a group that's pro-amnesty?

As CNN political correspondent Peter Hamby noted in his "5 takeaways from election night", "Rep. Renee Ellmers is a rare specimen: A House Republican who backs immigration reform, including a path to legalization for undocumented immigrants. She calls it 'an earned legal work status.' Conservatives, of course, call it 'amnesty.'"

Conservatives aren't the only ones who call it amnesty. We call it amnesty, too.

The Black's Law Dictionary definition for amnesty is: "The act of a sovereign power officially forgiving certain classes of persons who are subject to trial but have not yet been convicted." It even lists the 1986 mass amnesty, which included a background check and fines for illegal aliens, as THE example.

The penalty for entering the country illegally is removal, fines and/or jail time, and a 3-year/10-year bar from re-entering the United States based on how long the individual has been in the country illegally. Under the "immigration reform" supported by, an illegal alien who entered the country illegally would avoid jail time, removal, and the bar from re-entry. In exchange, they would have to pay a fine and go through a background check. In other words, they'd have to go through almost the same process that legal immigrants need to do when applying for a green card.

The most significant difference between what Renee Ellmers supports and the current legal immigration process is that illegal aliens would avoid trial and conviction for illegal entry. That's nearly the word-for-word definition of amnesty according to Black's Law Dictionary. Rep. Ellmers, along with House GOP Leaders and, are free to call their version of "immigration reform" whatever they want, but at the end of the day, it's amnesty.

Since Ellmers raised more than 18 times the money that her anti-amnesty challenger Frank Roche raised, is a two-term incumbent with better name recognition, and had the backing of the GOP establishment, it's tough to say that' support, and her support for "immigration reform", proved to be the difference in the race. But what's not tough to prove is that Renee Ellmers supports amnesty, despite what the ads said about her.

CHRIS CHMIELENSKI is the Director of Content & Activism for NumbersUSA

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Updated: Wed, May 7th 2014 @ 12:22pm EDT

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This is really something right out of the Fabian socialist playbook of Beatrice and Sidney Webb back at the turn of the 20th Century. In the words of George Bernard Shaw, noted author and a member of the Fabian Society’s inner circle, their goal would be achieved by “stealth, intrigue, subversion, and the deception of never calling socialism by its right name.”

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Zuckerburg and the pro amnesty proponents are wasting no time declaring this a victory for amnesty and increased immigration.

The facts are that Ellmers lost 42% of the Republicans in her district, primarily over her stance on illegal immigration and amnesty. If her views on immigration hadn't become known, she would probably have had no primary challenger and the 42% that she lost, would most likely have stayed with her. We'll see if she will need the 42% of Republicans that voted against her in the general election.

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I'm yet to hear one, just one candidate say that what we need is comprehensive ENFORCEMENT reform. Just today, Rep. Boehner said he wants to talk jobs for Americans. Hey, Boehner, get rid of the 11 million illegal aliens and we have at least 8 million jobs for Americans. The illegal aliens who don't have our jobs are using this country as a welfare country because of their anchor babies. For the love of God, WAKE UP and get rid of the illegal aliens!

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You are right, Robert. What we have in the GOP leadership is fear masquerading as tolerance. What they are too craven and venal to realize is that it is their own party base, not the mythical "Hispanic vote", that they should fear most. That, of course, is why candidates like Renee Ellmers have to lie about their position on the illegal immigration issue to get elected.

They are trying to have it both ways. I guess we will find out in November if the voters are OK with that.

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Maybe the worst will have to happen before Americans realize what these sleazy politicians are up to. Then we'll be like the UK, trying to undo the damage after it's already done.

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Senators are most easily bought by corporations ... because they only run every 6 years. Presidents can also be bought relatively easily, as they can only run for re-election once and then they're out. We have certainly seen all of this in effect since 2009.

On the other hand, the House must run every 2 years, and it was designed by the Founders to be more responsible to the Voters. We have certainly seen this since 2009, too.

NumbersUSA has focused on the House, in general, and certain Senators with good effect. While I acknowledge that the Republicans are not pure on the issue of No Amnesty, they are better than the Democrats. In addition, if the Republicans hold the House and take the Senate, this will take out a key Obama lackey: Harry Reid. It could then be possible to implement new initiatives, such as NATIONWIDE MANDATORY e-VERIFY. Maybe ICE will also be allowed to start securing the border and deporting Illegals, too.

My sense is that this strategy is working, and it can continue to work, even better with a Republican Senate. Republicans, Independents, and Democrats all need to unite to vote against Obama's lackeys this fall.

Keep up the fight; America is still worth saving.

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OBAMACARE IS BUT A SYMPTOM OF IMMIGRATION! Ellmers vs Roche (Establishment vs TEA Party) (Money vs Principles) illustrates a real historic conflict of interests currently facing Republicans. Surging immigration levels, among other policies, have created a demographic death spiral (Romney's 47%ers) that will make it difficult for true (low tax/spending) conservatives to win. When a country has 47% of workers that don't pay taxes (as Repubs cut) and/or rely on subsidies (as Repubs cut) that's a huge disadvantage going into a nationwide election. Money, Zuckerberg's and others, bought this election for Ellmers (and an increased chance of DOUBLING IMMIGRATION to the US) at a cost of accelerating this death spiral. Roche was a real threat here. Most Repubs shriek the word amnesty (apparently with an invisible asterisk) but Roche actually discussed reducing overall immigration levels. The silver lining in this is that despite Ellmers' huge fundraising advantage, the huge Zuckerberg money funding deceptive ads (Ellmers is working to secure the border, fix our broken immigration system, and is absolutely not amnesty) Roche managed over 40%. REPUBS NEED TO FOCUS. IMMIGRATION IS THE SUBSTANTIVE ISSUE. Obamacare is a symptom of this, and beware Republican immigration proponents grandstanding over vacuous distractions like Benghazi.
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Vieva 8210 of CO's picture

"....Money, Zuckerberg's and others, bought this election for Ellmers...."
It did because money talks. Try cancelling, if possible, your FACEBOOK account, everyone who cares about honest campaigning! Let 'Zuckerberg' feel it in HIS bank accounts. There are so many millionaires and billionaires trying to force their beliefs on others. Too many are too young and don't understand diddley! All of sudden they are EXPERTS! They need to live under Communism to learn what REALLY IS IMPORTANT!

Gene 5798 of TX's picture

Thank you Vieva, so many of my friends have been critical of my decision to never be on Facebook. Some of the places we get sent to leave a comment,a few require Facebook ID, so to speak. I've never given or paid that Z guy a dime, and I am so very glad that I have'nt!

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All of the Ellmers ads boldly claimed she was a border hawk, anti-amnesty. Yet Ellmers has NEVER co-sponsored a single border security bill or any other immigration enforcement bill in this Congress.

YES...lies cited over and over and over again helped to ensure her win.

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People like Renee Ellmers and Mark Zuckerburg know that if they back up their lies with enough money they can drown out the truth.

Terri 9170 of IL's picture

I guess everyone's read Luiz Gutierrez' latest rant. If the GOP won't pass CIR by this summer, Obama's going to declare deportations suspended.
You have to wonder if these people really believe that threatening the Republicans will get them what they want. Luiz needs to go.

Mike 1111 of CO's picture

What deportations ???

Everything I've seen, even from lackeys like Jeh Johnson, says that Obama suspended deportations about 5 years ago.

A better move would be to START deportations of the 700k per year that the police are catching.

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If Ellmers is now on the "No Amnesty" record, let's make her stick to it.

She appears to have run on a platform that includes a "No Amnesty" plank.

We expect to see her follow through.

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I am opposed to amnesty and open borders but I think the argument that a deceptive add contributed to Ellmers election is a bit of sour grapes. Political ads being deceptive should not surprise anyone. 99.9 percent of political ads are deceptive. The people got what they wanted and deserve.

Kathleen 8719 of NC's picture

The ads were not just deceptive, they were blatant lies. She continues to say she does not support amnesty when in fact everything she supports IS amnesty. The average person could easily have believed the lies.

Jeffrey 9532 of CO's picture

SCOTUS has provided the answer. Towns now can mandidate E-Verify and requre tenants to obtain a license with a "legal resident" provision. The tools are there to force illegals out of our communities. It's a bit of a puzzel. If I read I understand SCOTUS decisions, tenant licenes with the legal resident provision are legal as long as there are no penalties included. Penalties, according to SCOTUS, is a Federal perogative. The 86 law does allow for local licensing. That is the answer it appears. The tools to rid our towns of illegals is there to use.

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Karen 6880 of AZ's picture

the voters didn't examine the lying ads. how can they be this way. I visited Charlotte area and beach side . Seemed to be more illegals there than in Phx, AZ.

Karen 6880 of AZ's picture

the voters didn't examine the lying ads. how can they be this way. I visited Charlotte area and beach side . Seemed to be more illegals there than in Phx, AZ.

William 6898 of AZ's picture

Personally, I'm sick of hearing "the system is broken" by all these amnesty-pushers! No, it is not broken! It is PURPOSELY being unenforced and not secured by our lawless "leaders!" The "broken" argument is just a excuse for them to say they can't stop them, so we may as well give them amnesty and/or work-permits. No, you can't stop them if you won't even try! They seem to think we are ALL just a bunch of naïve idiots like they are!

Brenda 2311 of SC's picture

In North Carolina they gave a drivers license to illegals and they are voting with them. Voter fraud is all this is.

Brenda 2311 of SC's picture

In Raliegh NC...they arrested 240 or so illegal alien child molesters and child rapist in March 2104.. in one month.

Robert 1440 of CA's picture

Ellmers is a liar, and if you call her office her staff will lie and tell you that she's against amnesty.
The RNC should boot her out and force her to change her party affiliation.

Albert 3441 of PA's picture

While it is true that Ellmers lied her way to victory in the primary election, her tactic of never calling amnesty by its right name is straight out of the Reince Priebus playbook. It is completely consistent with the approach taken by all the leading RINOs in both houses of congress.

I don't think that we can count on the RNC, as it is presently constituted, to help the American people to resist amnesty.

Gene 5798 of TX's picture

I know that you are right about not counting on RNC to help on this. That was shown to me in 1986 and message forcefully delivered in 1990!

Philip 5927 of AZ's picture

Renee Ellmers is no politician. She is an ex-nurse. She is still an inept choice as a politician because she has no previous experience. She is really a spokeswoman for Mark Zuckerberg. He paid her to speak publicly on supporting amnesty, nothing else. Zuckerberg is another George Soros. Both Zuckerberg and Soros prove a formidable 1-2 punch. They are opening their wallets for "24 hours a day, 7 days a week." Like they leave water pouring out of faucet, they give a lot of money to so many radical organizations. To this day, I can't figure how they are never broke! They promote open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens. They are responsible for so many misfortunes that happen to our country.

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John 1025 of GA's picture

I know it sounds trite, but this election has to have been rigged. I was in Moore County, part of NC District 2, the entire week leading up to the election and I didn't see one single 'Vote for Ellmers' type of sign. 'Vote for Frank Roche' signs were everywhere.

On all of the discussion boards I frequent, many of them left leaning, there has been fervent support for Roche. There is absolutely no one championing Renee Ellmers. Yet, come election day over 20,000 people come out of the wood work to vote for Renee?

Something stinks.

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Terri 9170 of IL's picture

John, I think you're right. I know in IL the unions will stuff the ballot boxes in Chicago so Dick Durbin will be returned.

Catherine 3831 of IL's picture

It is a sad situation that those who can scream the loudest get their needs met. What is even worse is that those who have come into this country by breaking the law can demand rights they are not entitled to. My anger is directed towards Dick Durbin and those other supporters of the DREAM ACT who support tax payer funds to educate the children of the law breakers. I have a child that I am helping with a student loan as are many American citizens , When does it end ?

Edward 0315 of NC's picture

What I don't understand is why NumbersUSA didn't get involved in this race earlier. I was aware that immigration would be an issue in this race long before the precinct meetings in February. Yet I did not get involved until the last weekend before the election. Why? Because until I read the article by Ann Coulter, I had no idea that this race could be so important nationally. I live only 10 minutes away from the 2nd District, so I could have done a lot to help the campaign. But I wanted to see some evidence that others were getting involved -- a prerequisite to having a chance of success.

If I had heard calls for involvement from NumbersUSA, Americans for Immigration Control, etc., I would have invested effort early and tried to recruit others. The fact that Roche was winning straw polls with more than 60% of the vote at county conventions is evidence that party activists were on his side. With a little more urging, we could've made a much stronger showing.

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Van 0864 of VA's picture

First of all, please understand that NumbersUSA cannot advocate for or against a candidate for public office. Having said that, we actually worked with Frank Roche early on. Not sure why you're slamming us

David 4866 of TX's picture

no way to prove it but I'm convinced that the US Chamber, et al, is funneling $ to various Tea Party orgs. You go to these TP websites and FB pages and you'll see they avoid issues like immigration, legal or illegal. Also, avoid the issue of offshoring of US jobs. They refuse to speak on these very important subjects, effectively. They'll give the old standard line, "we need to secure our borders!". Such a cop out. They'll never speak of E-Verify, however.

Gene 5798 of TX's picture

David, I tend to agree, it seems to me that the Cruz comments are much different as a Senator from just being a Candidate. I send many e-mails to my entire delegation. And I Sen,I have never received a real response from him!! Just the auto responses, thank you. I consider him a snake in the grass, personally. It was difficult to get a response from Hutchinson, too.