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A new national poll of "likely midterm voters" finds 55% of them favoring a bill that "would allow immigrants to bring in their spouse and minor children but would end migration of extended family."

Only 32% of the voters say they oppose eliminating the Chain Migration categories.

With so much speculation the last two days about what the President would require to be part of any DACA amnesty, his tweet this morning was a welcome one:

CHAIN MIGRATION cannot be allowed to be part of any legislation on Immigration!"
-- Pres. Trump

Although the brief tweet could have been clearer, we assume the President meant that "Chain Migration categories cannot be allowed to continue in any immigration legislation." That would be consistent with his repeated support over the last year for the concept and legislation to reduce overall legal immigration, primarily by ending Chain Migration categories for extended family members beyond spouse and minor children. (See Chris' blog.)


The scientific survey of 1,000 likely midterm voters was commissioned by NumbersUSA and was conducted by Pulse Opinion Research near the end of August. It found strong majorities supporting all parts of the RAISE Act, which the White House stated Friday afternoon is among the ingredients the President is seeking in legislative packages.

Here are the components of the RAISE Act and how voters feel about them.

End Chain Migration of extended family

55% - 32% Favor ending.

End Visa Lottery

56% - 33% Favor ending

Reduce annual legal immigration from around 1 million to around a half-million

61% - 26% Cut at least to 500,000 (half-million). Most of those favoring cuts wanted deeper cuts, with 15% preferring annual immigration of 500,000, and 26% favoring 250,000 and 20% favoring zero immigration.

Limit annual permanent refugee resettlement to 50,000

63% to 27% Favor cutting from recent average of 63,000 to not higher than 50,000. Most who favor the cut, prefer much deeper reductions, with 11% choosing 50,000, and 5% choosing 25,000, and 8% choosing "fewer than 25,000" and 39% preferring "none and instead assist refugees in safe zones."

A merit-based system for businesses bringing in immigrant workers.

53% to 36% Prefer giving out the visas "with the most points in a merit system based on criteria like education, English-language ability and sought-after skills?" The 36% preferring another system included 28% wanting the visas distributed "by the order that applications are submitted," and 8% preferred distribution "by lottery."

View the full poll here to see the text of each question and the methodology.

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