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Four pro-reduction Members of Congress were included in the bi-partisan group of Senators and Representatives that met with Pres. Trump today about creating a DACA deal.

But otherwise, the President was surrounded by champions of amnesties, increased foreign workers, gutted enforcement.

Here are the NumbersUSA Immigration-Reduction grades for the attendees:

F-grade: 14
D-grade: 3
C-grade: 3
B-grade: 1
A-grade: 4

This Congress Grade
Sen. Michael BennetD-COF-FGang of Eight Member
Sen. John CornynR-TXC-C+Senate Majority Whip
Sen. Tom CottonR-ARAA-RAISE Act Sponsor
Sen. Dick DurbinD-ILF-D-Senate Democrat Whip
Sen. Dianne FeinsteinD-CAF-D+Senate Judiciary Ranking Member
Sen. Jeff FlakeR-AZDC-Gang of Eight Member
Sen. Cory GardnerR-COF-C-
Sen. Lindsey GrahamR-SCF-C-Gang of Eight Member
Sen. Chuck GrassleyR-IAC+ASenate Judiciary Chairman
Sen. Heidi HeitkampD-NDF-F
Sen. Mazie HironoD-HIF-F
Sen. James LankfordR-OKDA-
Sen. Bob MenendezD-NJF-FGang of Eight Member
Sen. David PerdueR-GABB+RAISE Act Sponsor
Sen. Jon TesterD-MTF-C-
Sen. Thom TillisR-NCF-C
Rep. Henry CuellarD-TXFD
Rep. Mario Diaz-BalartR-FLF-D
Rep. Bob GoodlatteR-VAA-AHouse Judiciary Chairman
Rep. Steny HoyerD-MDF-DHouse Minority Whip
Rep. Raúl LabradorR-IDA+A-
Rep. Kevin McCarthyR-CAC-C+House Majority Leader
Rep. Michael McCaulR-TXA+BHouse Homeland Security Chairman
Rep. Martha McSallyR-AZDD
Rep. Bennie ThompsonD-MSF-FHouse Homeland Security Ranking Member

The President made some troubling statements about being willing to pass a "clean" amnesty bill first and then dealing with other immigration issues later.

This is the statement I released to the media:

Amnesty-now and enforcement/reform-later agreements always fail the American people. We've had seven of these amnesties already. They all result in more illegal immigration and continued flooding of U.S. labor markets with a million legal immigrants a year. Pres. Trump must hold fast to his compact with American workers to greatly reduce both the illegal and legal competition from mass migration."

ROY BECK is Founder & President of NumbersUSA

Updated: Tue, Jan 23rd 2018 @ 2:15pm EST

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