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The dust-up over the similarities between Rubio's and Cruz's immigration records and stances can be easily clarified by consulting NumbersUSA's Worker-Protection Immigration Grade Card ratings on presidential candidates and NumbersUSA's Congressional Immigration Grade Cards.

The Congressional Grade Cards track every floor and committee vote, and every co-sponsorship, of bills and amendments that would affect the numerical level of immigration and work permits given to foreign citizens.

In the current Congress, neither candidate is a true champion of the American worker on immigration issues but both are doing moderately well, with Cruz earning a "B" and Rubio earning a "C".  (See how they rank with other Republican Senators here ( where Rand Paul earns an "A+" and Lindsey Graham an "F".)

During their full career in the Senate, Cruz has earned an "A+" while Rubio has earned a "D+". (Ranking of all Republican Senators here (

The presidential grade cards consider not only past congressional actions but also weigh comments, pledges and official plans offered during the campaign. Candidates are given a lot of room to change positions, although repeated flips are held suspect. Each candidate is rated on the question of amnesty, but also in five other categories of handling illegal immigration and in four categories dealing with bringing in legal foreign workers. 

Assessing immigration stances that affect Americans' jobs & wages by changing supply of workers.

NumbersUSA re-calculates all ratings every week based on new statements from the candidates. As of today, the presidential campaign ratings add up to an overall Worker-Protection grade of "A-minus" for Cruz and "D" for Rubio.

NumbersUSA states that the grades assess "immigration stances that affect Americans' jobs and wages by changing supply of workers."

The statements and actions that are used for each rating can be viewed by clicking on the photo of a candidate in the Presidential Hopefuls Grid.

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