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  by  Ashley Craig

The third Democratic debate took place in Manchester, New Hampshire this past Saturday night and primarily focused on the economy, healthcare and national security. This gave the three Democratic presidential candidates a huge opportunity to talk about immigration reform, an opportunity that all three candidates missed.

Here are some of the top tweets from both the NumbersUSA account and our President and Founder Roy Beck’s twitter account about what was missing from the debate.

During the national security segment the topic turned to the Syrian refugee crisis, where all three candidates showed their support for bringing in more refugees despite security concerns.

All three candidates also claimed that they wanted to see more job opportunities and higher wages for the most vulnerable Americans. Yet, they did not discuss how increased foreign workers have hurt these Americans the most. None of the moderators or candidates brought up how the omnibus spending bill that was passed last week will quadruple the number of H-2B visas available for low-skilled foreign guest workers.

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