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A McClatchy news story that ran today, and quoted NumbersUSA's Chris Chmielenksi, ended up as the headline story on the Drudge Report. The report was North Carolina Senator Thom Tillis was crafting a “conservative” (whatever that means) DREAM Act amnesty to formalize the unconstitutional DACA program instituted by President Obama and continued by President Trump, despite candidate Trump's promise to end the program on day one of his administration.

This was followed by a later story on CNN that Paul Ryan was urging the President not to end DACA (apparently “conservative” to Paul Ryan means not adhering to the Constitution).

NumbersUSA maintains its position that President Trump end the illegal, unconstitutional DACA program, as he repeatedly promised to do; and NumbersUSA opposes the DREAM Act.

The DREAM Act is a bad idea, no matter whether it’s labeled “conservative,” “liberal,” or “disestablishmentarian.” NumbersUSA has held firm on that line for many years. So, too, did Attorney General Jeff Sessions when he was in the Senate.

Allowing DACA to stand has ramifications far beyond immigration. It is Congress’ prerogative, and only Congress’ prerogative, to make immigration and naturalization law, even if the laws it makes are terrible. No President can choose not to enforce existing laws, or to institute his own if Congress refuses to act according to his demands.

If Congress continues to acquiesce by allowing the overreach of the federal courts (particularly in the arena of immigration law), while also allowing the Executive Branch to exercise legislative power, the entire Constitutional system is at risk. Yet, here we have a sitting U.S. Senator and the Speaker of the House of Representatives seeking to rubberstamp an unconstitutional Presidential action that would severely undermine Congress’ power.

The DREAM Act will reward illegal immigration and encourage more, while doing nothing to prevent the same problem arising in the future. DACA sets a terrible precedent that the President stands above the law.

If President Trump wants to put America first, which presumes he means putting the interests of the American people first and foremost, he will end DACA and work for the passage of the RAISE Act and mandatory E-Verify before even discussing the possibility of an amnesty with Congress.

ERIC RUARK is the Director of Research for NumbersUSA

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Updated: Fri, Sep 15th 2017 @ 2:20pm EDT

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