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Time Magazine continues its years-long quest to end the concept of national communities with its latest edition and "Special Report."

The front cover proclaims:


Why the forces of global migration can't be stopped

With 28 pages of photo essays from TIME's correspondents and photographers around the world, the magazine warns readers that the Central American caravans at the U.S. southern border are just the beginning of millions more sure to follow out of the 258 million current international migrants outside their country of birth who are on the move.

The force is tidal and has not been reversed by walls, by separating children from their parents or by deploying troops."
-- TIME Magazine

TIME condemns the reactions of Europe and the United States to control the flow of migrants across their borders, saying:

These political reactions fail to grapple with a hard truth: in the long run, new migration is nearly always a boon to host countries."
-- TIME Magazine

But on the very next page after the long cover story ends, TIME unconsciously seems to undercut the central theme of its insistence on far larger mass migration.

A key argument for why the U.S. and Europe must accept the inevitability of far larger migrations is based on the dire conditions in the sending countries, which presumably have become so much worse than in previous years of smaller migration.

Yet, when you turn the page after the end of the cover story spread, you are met with the title page of the next section of the magazine: "The Future Is Now."

One of three revelations that TIME chooses to feature under the title:

Today, half as many people live in extreme poverty as did in 1990."
-- TIME Magazine

In the pages that follow, Melinda Gates celebrates that the number of children who die each year has been cut in half during "the past generation" and is optimistic it can be cut in half again.

What really has changed that America's media elites -- who generally thought some 30 years ago that the United States had every right to control migration into its national community -- do not believe it has the moral right to do so today?

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