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Our website has had a lot of blogs and reports about the immigration executive orders the past week. We've felt a need to counteract all the emotion (even hysteria) and misinformation that Americans have received about the orders through most of the mainstream media and much of social media.

One thing you are never going to see on is fake news. No matter how much a story may appear to help our arguments, we won't run with it unless we are convinced of its credibility.

But our promise to you is much better than simply not delivering fake news. We also promise to get our facts straight. Does that mean we will never have a mistake on our website? No. No news organization or advocacy group can guarantee perfection. But the best will guarantee that they will fix their mistakes.

For years, we have put a link, Our Accuracy Guarantee, at the top of nearly every NumbersUSA page. It goes to a page that states:

ACCURACY GUARANTEE Our guarantee is that we will never allow an inaccuracy to stand on this website. If you think you see an error or even a typo contact us to let us know.

Yes, we even appreciate hearing about typos. As an old newspaper man, typos drive me crazy. Let Fritz or Michael know if you see something that you think needs checking (

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Updated: Sun, Feb 19th 2017 @ 8:15pm EST

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