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Once again, NumbersUSA is buying TV ads to tell our nation's leaders what their political advisers and the news media won't tell them: The American people want reduced immigration and higher wages.


Opening with photos of the billionaire activist Koch brothers and retired Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake and identifying all as "Never Trumpers," the ad's narrator says:

For years, Never Trumpers pushed for more immigration . . .. .

. .. . marginalizing America's forgotten workers."

But in 2016, they ran into a wall.

A news clip begins running of Pres. Trump telling the cheering inauguration crowd:

"America's forgotten workers will be forgotten no longer."


The narrator continues:

The President pledged to cut immigration so all could have a chance at jobs and a decent wage.

These Never Trumpers never got it.

But the American people did.

Reducing immigration and letting wages rise is what Americans want."

This ad has been running on cable news all week and will continue for some time. It is the third in a campaign of ads on cable TV, Facebook and other internet and social media that began in early March.

The elites of Washington are willing to talk about every aspect of immigration except the numbers. NumbersUSA is committed to forcing the numbers question into every discussion possible.

How much immigration is really in the national interest?

How low must the numbers go to stop harming vulnerable Americans?

By the 1980s, Congress had doubled annual immigration from a level of a quarter-million in the 1950s and 1960s.

For the nearly three decades since 1990, annual immigration has been doubled again -- twice as high as the 1980s, and four times as high as the 1950s and 1960s.

In every other time of elevated immigration in U.S. history, the numbers eventually came back down for a period of respite for the communities, infrastructures and natural habitat groaning from the strain of the previous years of mass immigration and accelerated population growth.

NEVER has mass immigration continued for so many years without a break.

And now America feels like it is about to break under the unrelenting pressures caused by more than a million new lifetime work permit holders added each year.

ROY BECK is CEO & Founder of NumbersUSA

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