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  by  Roy Beck

Look at the states that are colored orange and red on our newly updated map below.

Those states have elected officials who have decided that they want to protect the ability of employers to break the law and hire illegal migrants without consequences. They have enacted ZERO requirements for employers to use E-Verify.

EVerify map

To see details of what each state is doing with E-Verify, click here.

The quick way to view the map is to know that every state in orange and red favors employers hiring illegal migrants.

All the other states at least try to stop the illegal hiring with some kind of mandate for using E-Verify to protect their citizen workers from unscrupulous employers. Most of them still have a long way to go. But they've at least done something.

HOW TO READ THE COLORS OF THE MAP -- E-Verify is required for these kinds of employers:

NAVY BLUE: All private employers and state & local government agencies & contractors.

  • Alabama, Arizona, Mississippi, South Carolina

NAVY BLUE with white stripes: Most private employers and all government.

  • Georgia, North Carolina, Utah

NAVY BLUE with orange stripes: Most private employers (not government).

  • Tennessee

ROYAL BLUE: State & local government agencies & contractors (no private employers).

  • Indiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma

LIGHT BLUE: State agencies & contractors (no local government or private).

  • Florida, Idaho, Texas, Virginia

BLUE-GREEN: Only contractors of state & local governments (government worker excluded).

  • Colorado, Louisiana

BLUE-GREEN with white stripes: Very limited numbers of government contractors.

  • Minnesota, Pennsylvania

RED: NO E-Verify mandate. Prohibitions on local governments mandating.

  • California, Illinois

ORANGE: NO E-Verify mandate. (See the 27 states on the map.)

The governments of the states shown in orange and red have refused to do anything to help their unemployed citizens seek jobs without having to compete with legal migrants. They have decided that it is okay that an estimated 7 million illegal migrants hold U.S. jobs, depressing the wages for the Americans in those occupations -- and that it is okay for taxpayers to be forced to subsidize the employers of illegal aliens by paying for their poverty programs.


Is it too harsh to say that the orange and red states "invite business crooks to hire illegal aliens?"

Crooks? Well, it has been against federal law since 1986 for a business to hire foreign citizens who are in this country illegally. This law was designed to protect the wages and incomes of the citizens of this country. Employers who violate that law are crooks, taking money out of the pockets of citizens just as surely as burglars, pick-pockets, flim-flam artists and robbers.

The fact that E-Verify is a system that can stop most of the wage/income thievery has long been well known.

The Supreme Court has ruled that states can mandate that employers use E-Verify to keep illegal migrants from obtaining jobs -- and that states can take away an employer's business license for failing to use E-Verify properly.

The only thing stopping state legislatures from mandating E-Verify is their insistence that employers retain the ability to continue to break federal law by engaging in the wage/income theft that occurs by hiring illegal migrants.

Yes, they are crooks. And yes, those state legislatures are committed to protecting the crooks who also harm the vast majority of employers who don't want to break immigration laws.


I know you are frustrated and incensed that your federal government won't stop -- or even vocally oppose -- illegal migration.

We will continue to give you opportunities to push Congress to overturn the Executive Branch's refusal to enforce most immigration laws on the book.

At the same time, you can greatly reduce the size and costs of the illegal population of your state by enacting state E-Verify laws. Keep watching your email for action alerts and keep working with us on opportunities at the state level.

ROY BECK is the President & Founder of NumbersUSA


Updated: Sun, Jun 12th 2016 @ 6:35pm EDT

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