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Remember all of those promises about how legalization would be exchanged for a tough, zero-tolerance policy against future illegal immigration? The Gang of Eight and President Obama forgot to run that by the pressure groups protesting the United States' immigration enforcement policies.

In an op-ed for the The Hill two anti-deportation activists make it clear that they won't be satisfied until deportations are ended now and forever. They write:

...we cannot and will not overlook that fact that every major immigration reform bill filed by Democratic Party leaders in Congress since the early 2000's has also been loaded with restrictive, exclusionary and extremist Republican-like clauses shaped by xenophobia and racism.

The recent Senate Bill 744, which guaranteed more deportations, more detentions, more border abuses, and more of everything we don't want, passed as a bipartisan immigration reform bill largely under the leadership of Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer....

....It is time to reboot the public and legislative debate about immigrants and immigration policy. By ending deportations, President Obama has the opportunity to do that by standing up for the humanity of immigrants across America....

We now know that most current deportations are people caught at the border, repeat immigration offenders, or aliens with criminal records. Further reductions (of any significant number) would have to come from those categories.

The Senate bill would grant legal status and work permits to people in the country illegally in exchange for promises of enforcement down the road. Even if we assume the Gang of Eight and President Obama made those promises in earnest, it is clear that the same groups that are pressuring them to pass a legalization bill will immediately transition to protests against the bill's enforcement promises, just as Rep. Gutierrez has promised to immediately begin calling for the next amnesty for anyone who didn't qualify for the Gang of Eight's.

Buzzfeed reports that Sen. Schumer's office recently sparred with the White House over proposals to further scale back deportations, fearing it would wipe out the chances for the House to send something to the Senate for conference with his bill. According to Buzzfeed, the White House referenced the anti-deportation protesters as a reason they had to do something.

This will be an interesting power struggle to watch. Schumer's case was built on convincing the public that the enforcement promises in his bill were real enough to go along with a legalization-first sequence. The anti-deportation activists, who have already called for the return of previously-deported aliens, are increasingly undermining his claim.

JEREMY BECK is the Director of the Media Standards Program for NumbersUSA

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Updated: Fri, May 9th 2014 @ 11:52am EDT

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If US immigration law enforcement is "shaped by xenophobia and racism", what shapes immigration law enforcement in other countries, e.g., Mexico?

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Give them an inch and they demand a mile. They will not be satisfied until there is no border, the more they make that clear, the better for our side. Let's bombard Schumer with "I told you so" faxes and calls. That POS needs to realize who he is advocating for.

Aaron 8129 of ID's picture

That's something I'm being thinking about with this pandering to them recently! When you said "Give them an inch and they demand a mile. " It couldn't be more accurate of this pandering to the illegals recently!!

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It is quite simple with no deportations all that is left is work place enforcement - or there is effectively no immigration law.

The immigration crime advocates need to know the public overwhelmingly believe that immigration needs to be limited and shaped in a manner that is good for America's citizens. The need to control immigration is almost universal among governments of the world.

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Lack of Immunizations is why USA has upshot in diseases that we eradicated! They all Have to be immunized if they stay here! THAT IS THE LAW MR. OBAMA AND MR. HOLDER!!!

Marion 5831 of MO's picture

Mary, Both of these Idiots do not understand what Laws are for, evidently they think Laws are meant to be broken. The Federal Immunization Service has recognized the Subject that you have posted. It just may be too late for them to get started enforceing those Laws because of the Lack Of Responsibilty that Obama and his Handlers have shown. Thank you for your comment, it is right on target. TSgt., USAF Retired.

Jm  2943 of CO's picture

Hate to tell you this but its not only illegals who are not immunized. Its also a lot of US citizens. CO just tried to pass a bill to stop parents from just having to sign a piece of paper; one time never to be asked again on this and it got watered down so its almost right where it was to begin with.

CO has one of the highest op out rates in the country. Church or moral objections is all you have to have and sign a piece of paper to that effect.

Mike 1111 of CO's picture

"We will NEVER offer Amnesty."

There, I said it. One of our leaders, in a suitable position to make the commitment stick, needs to come forward and make this statement.

Take Amnesty completely off the table.

It will send a powerful message to the Illegals and their smugglers, employers, etc.

Gridlock, as we have now, is better than Amnesty, but I think we can do better. Move the goal line all of the way to 'No Amnesty, Never'.

Mike 1111 of CO's picture

Aaron, your 'carrot' metaphor is clear.

Maybe, what I'm asking for is for someone responsible to remove the 'possibility of the carrot', eliminating much of the confusion.

We need predictability, knowing that laws are being enforced. If Obama cannot deliver this, we don't need him; we need a new president.

You have no reason to make new laws that will not be enforced, knowing that the current laws are not.

Gene 5798 of TX's picture

No doubt we need a new president, but with all the flip-fopping done by politicians of both parties how do we know what we are voting for?

The two major parties must be put in there place and not supported, from state houses to the president.

Gene 5798 of TX's picture

I stand up for the humanity of immigrants, but I do not advocate for aliens. In doing so I would be showing disrespect for for our "nation of laws."

Humph, has'nt most of congress and the President, past and present,done that? Treason, aiding and abetting the enemy ... I think there was an in field penalty for that in WWII.

John 4110 of MI's picture

Is there a little hope that the next non enforcement step taken by the administration will be extreme enough that courts will finally act to curtail the administration abuse of the flexibility that they are granted in enforcement?

James 7427 of KS's picture

The ironic thing here is that illegal aliens themselves have very little political power. They are not allowed to vote. The real power behind the push for amnesty is big business, which has disguised its greedy, selfish, and reprehensible motivations in all of this soaring rhetoric about being a nation of immigrants, the humanity of the illegal aliens, keeping families together, land of opportunity, etc. La Raza and America's Voice, if web visitation ratings are any indication, have very low membership, despite being awash in money. In other words, they are mostly likely fronts for big business with very little voting power behind them. Bottom line, by taking a strong pro-enforcement stance like Rep. Steve King has done, there is nothing to fear from voters (there is probably much more to be gained than be lost in that regard). The wrath will come from the donors.

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Sonny 5967 of AZ's picture

So true James. Before there was Soros and Zuckerburg;the Ford, Carnegie, and Rockefeller Foundations were the cornerstone of funding to get these ethnic organizations off the ground. LULAC, MALDEF, LaRaza, all have received millions of dollars in funding from these billionaires.
Corporations like AT&T, IBM, and even diverted tax dollars also contribute to their lobbying efforts and initiated lawsuits.
As you eluded to the rhetoric of breaking up families and nation of immigrants, my hunch is that you can trace this entire politically correct idea of diversity as strength back to the purchased propaganda of these billionaires to further pad their coffers.

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James 7427 of KS's picture

Thanks Sonny. I know that there are legal offices out there that do pro-bono work for illegal aliens. When one steps back and thinks about the fact that people who have no right to be here and have little money to boot can get more legal representation than middle and working class Americans, it really smacks you in the face how much money there is behind the push for amnesty and more immigration.

Terri 9170 of IL's picture

They're just a PR stunt Obama uses to claim he has to end immigration laws. Don't know who he thinks he's fooling; maybe only the illegals.

Robert 4907 of DE's picture

Just who the hell are these amnesty activist? According to Sen. Reid, we are a nation of laws and everyone MUST obey the law. This statement was made on the Nevada Bundy deal. Are the illegal aliens something special that they don't have to obey the law. This is just another example that we DO NOT want or need comprehensive immigration reform. What we need and WANT is comprehensive ENFORCEMENT reform. The hell with the illegal aliens AND the damn amnesty activists. Oh, did you hear we have 1.3 million M-13 gang members in the United States? Yea, and if they are caught, all they have to say is they are a DREAMES, and ICE has to let them go. Tell me this isn't BS! Source: Kelly File on FOX.

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John 4110 of MI's picture

Yes Bloomberg was in favor of coming down with all of the force of law on a gun owner that does not re register quickly on moving to New York. On the other hand he helped illegal aliens (a law that he does not like) avoid enforcement of the law.

William 6898 of AZ's picture

No amnesty and no work-permits. E-verify for EVERY employer. These politicians LOVE the phrase, "we are a nation of laws." Yet they do EVERYTHING in they're actions are lawless and would cause UNBELIEVABLE HARM and MISERY to law-abiding Americans. The illegals already are flooding our welfare-system, stealing jobs with fake and stolen i.d.'s, over-crowding our hospital emergency-rooms, jails, and schools! They should be getting NONE of these things! It's the hard-working tax-payers that support these programs! It has gone WAY BEYOND BEING WRONG AND RIDICULOUS!

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Joyce 8537 of NY's picture

Every country has border patrols. They do this so they can control immigration and track who is in their country. Canada asks for a passport or an enhanced license. Mexico wants the same. We can not work in either of the countries without a work visa. This is true of all countries in Europe. We realized a long time a go that it was necessary to put restrictions on immigration. Why this has changed in America and not any other country still confuses me. The first word is "illegal", if they would break the law to come here one would ask how many other laws will they break. I am sorry but I truly feel if you are an illegal alien go back to your place of origin. I do not have a problem with immigration just "illegals."

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John 4110 of MI's picture

It shows how little respect illegals have for our constitution and the separation of powers. Their view is that the President is a sort of dictator and not bound by the law. The problem is that the President, Carl Levin and others have at times expressed similar views.

John 4110 of MI's picture

Main stream Democratic Senators (examples Durbin and Levin) urged to adopt the non enforcement measures (administrative dream act). At what point do theses supporters of near universal amnesty say that Obama is exceeding his powers?

Terri 9170 of IL's picture

John, Durbin will never say Obama is exceeding his powers. Durbin brags that he made Obama president. I'm from IL. Not sure what Dirtbag Durbin is getting out of this, but you can bet it's lucrative. I think Soros has them convinced they can create a Global Government and Obama will be Emperor of the World

Mike 1111 of CO's picture

Obama couldn't catch an Illegal if he wanted to !!!

Amnesty can't possibly work; you'll just get even more Illegals.

A number of representatives and senators have said the above in so many of their own words.

A better approach is to go for NATIONWIDE MANDATORY e-VERIFY. After this has worked for about 10 years, we can assess the situation.

Thomas 2924 of IN's picture

One of the virtues of free speech is that it allows the truth to be told, but the other is that it encourages sociopathic conspirators like Oscar Chacon and Arturo Carmona, the authors of the Op-Ed in The Hill, to expose themselves for what they are, and for all to see. Go to the story and comment on it. Few people have so far. We Americans should speak up and be heard.

Terri 9170 of IL's picture

Thomas, I think free speech in this country has become very selective. High profile people make remarks in private conversations and the Obama media go after them and destroy their careers. I don't like racism, but either we have free speech or we don't, especially in private conversations.

Dave 362 of WI's picture

This is an excellent example of what we've known all along i.e. that the "immigration rights" groups will never be satisfied.  Amnesty would be just the beginning of a whole new set of demands and not an end to illegal immigration.  Only when the American people surrender their sovereignty and the claim that we are a nation of laws will this republic's enemies be content.

Albert 3441 of PA's picture

I doubt that they will even be content with that, Dave. After disenfranchisement will come dispossession. That's the pot of gold that the rainbow coalition is really after.

William 5291 of NE's picture

Amnesty-are you kidding me, 20 Million Americans out of work, 7 Million illegals have non Agricultural jobs.. Amnesty - how many more Americans do you want to put out of work.. Wasted Billions of dollars on illegals- Indiana $4.2 Billion in Tax refunds ( Assistance for illegal children that have to stay home while parents work) The Bad thing The IRS is giving money in returns to illegals that are not even in this country and have never been in this country. 5 families using the same address and 4 of them do not even live there) received over $29.000 for 20 children ( nieces and nephews) that live in Mexico The IRS know about this problem have been told over and over by the Inspecting General of the State the IRS refuses to take any action about this rip off. YOUR TAX PAYER MONEY AT WORK SUPPORTING ILLEGALS THAT LIVE IN MEXICO AND HAVE NEVER SET FOOT IN THE UNITED STATES. TALK ABOUT WASTE-- THAT COULD FEED MANY AMERICANS THAT HAVE TO GO HUNGRY. OFF SUBJECT, BUT $559,000 dollars spent to find out once and for all why Chimps throw poop.Talk about idiots in Washington...

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Marion 5831 of MO's picture

We have already had American Military Personnel killed by "Foreigners" that were let into our Military Services for the specific purpose of getting American Citizenship. Remember those Troops that were killed at Ft Hood or has everybody lost their memory so quick. They were trained by our Military to use those type of weapons and then they used those same type of weapons to kill Americans. It has also happened at our Military Bases in the Middle East with the killing of our Military Personnel by the Iraqi and Afghanistan Guards on the Entrance Gates and other Guard Post's. Will our Politicians ever learn to let the Military be " THE MILITARY " and let them control who is needed for us to win Wars again, with Full Blooded American Born Citizens ?? Apparently not, especially when we have so many Senators and Congressional Representatives that were born in another Country that are now Members of the United States House and Senate. The only purpose they had when they entered this Country was to get a free Education and then run for State and/or Federal Office. IF, they were elected, they could then change (or try to) our Laws so their Relatives and others could have a passage way to these United States. This type of Political Representatives should be tried for treason when they use their Office for this purpose. Remember, when they took the Oath of their Office AND the Oath for their Citizenship, they swore to " UPHOLD THE LAWS OF THESE UNITED STATES ABOVE ALL OTHERS ". So far I haven't seen any of them comply, fully, with those Oaths. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

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Gene 5798 of TX's picture

The expectation of many of the things you remind us about was broadcast when, San Diego I believe,elected their first Mexican mayor. He proudly announced that they would reclaim southwestern U.S. So, everyone knows, they pretend it did'nt happen. That was another of the dumb things that happened as a result of that crazy Reagan's amnesty, which demands that we not approve another one, regardless the price.

History is a great teacher, but if the student is absent or absent-minded he will not/cannot learn!!

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Terri 9170 of IL's picture

Maybe the positive thing about this is that the Democrats are quarreling among themselves. Bound to get worse as their ship sinks. Let's hope it sinks their unconstitutional agenda.

John 4110 of MI's picture

I have watched immigration related issues for a few years. I have never seen this intense of a media blitz. I think it is the deep pockets on the cheap labor side that has made the difference. It really hard for me to understand how the anti worker and anti rule of law forces have such strength. Now the La Raza forces seem to want no part of even the extreme 2013 Senate bill that has some enforcement measures. They seem to be flat out taking the position that Obama should not ever utilize the basic enforcement tool- removal.

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Albert 3441 of PA's picture

One possible reason for the aggressiveness of the current amnesty offensive (by both government political parties and their financiers) is that, unlike 1986, there is now an organized and rapidly-growing opposition: us.

The window of opportunity for another massive illegal alien amnesty is beginning to close and the Treason Lobby is frantic to "get it done" before that happens.

M 2510 of MA's picture

Right now the two sides are taking diametrically opposite positions - our side (the majority of ordinary Americans) want full enforcement of existing laws and lower total immigration, the other side (including most of big business) wants NO enforcement of existing laws and essentially open immigration (no limits). In a classic negotiation, these stances cannot be reconciled in the middle so there is a standoff. Generally a middle ground is not found and either status quo prevails (with incremental chip away of laws) or one side does a legislative coup to win it all.
To really hold the weight, our side must change from simply opposing amnesty to reducing net immigration to less than 500k/year.

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Mike 1111 of CO's picture

M, you make a good negotiating observation.

We ARE seeing some movement, e.g. Fremont NE won the right to verify legal status as a pre-condition to renting property within the town AND requiring e-Verify as a pre-condition for employment ... and the Supreme Court upheld both stances. As this spreads, it will represent reform progress on immigration.

On the other hand, Amnesty or asylum would not even solve the problem. You'd get even more Illegals !!!

My recommendation: a first good move on immigration reform would be NATIONWIDE MANDATORY e-VERIFY. This will remove the 'magnet' of money that draws Illegals. They will stop coming here, start going home, and the problem will shrink. Whenever/wherever we have done this, unemployment drops and Illegals leave.

Next, it would make sense to speed up the deportations of the ones we've already captured committing other crimes, making the size of the problem smaller. Then, we can deal with the rest as we catch them.

Then, cut immigration in 1/2 for 10 years to tighten up the labor market: raises and new hiring.

Finally, close the border and start visa exit/entry checking; these will quickly catch the rest of the Illegals.


The policies I've outlined cost little or no money, as we're already spending tons of money on the existing systems: e-Verify, police, INS, and ICE. We just need to require that they be properly used.

The economy and labor market will BOOM once these policies are fully in place. There are no jobs for Illegals. They are trying to take our US citizens' jobs away.

Other countries, e.g. Australia, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and UK are already implementing similar policies, and they are all doing well.

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M 2510 of MA's picture

Mike, that would be an absolutely sensible policy and a number of smaller countries have been able to move in that direction. However, at this time only about 10 US politicians in office would even support it openly. I can name Sessions, Steve King, Grassley, few others. Rest of GOP are at most simply opposing amnesty while still supporting more (or unlimited) green cards for 'skilled workers'. Forget about Democrats - not one of met even knows our current legal immigration rate and have fully bought into the open borders koolaid.

So I would say NumbersUSA should move the discussion to a stronger negotiating position where immigration becomes a zero-sum game of no more than 500k per year based on jobs first for our own unemployeds and graduates and a population growth target of no more than 0-1% per year. Hard numbers are difficult to fudge or politicize.

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S. T. 9239 of NV's picture

Great points, just add the denial of ALL forms of welfare(EBT(food stamps), section 8, free(taxpayer paid for) healthcare, WIC... EVERYTHING!
NO JOB, NO welfare, NO reason to be here illegally!! And enforce ALL immigration laws, and return these illegal roaches to their home country!
This is not racism as the illegals come from everywhere and an illegal is not a race(except the Human race)!

We must stop the plague of locusts!!

Gene 5798 of TX's picture

The ballot box is likely the place to finalize this. Who would be knowledgeable adequately to estimate the outcome of a ballot box showdown. Likely those with seats in Congress. Who in Congress are our most outspoken allies? In my estimation those would be Steve King and Jeff Sessions. They are now in positions to introduce strong legislation to solidify our position, but they have'nt done so that I'm aware. I have to assume that they believe that if they did, it would go down in flames, possibly even in committee, or a block from Boehner or Reid.

Now I look at why would not King or Sessions present themselves as Candidates for the Presidency? Why has there not been a serious movement to draft one or the other? From their perspective it is likely that they believe that an anti-amnesty candidate could not win. Similar situation for drafting one of them, without at least one or more huge money contributors, a draft movement would not be too impressive to the potential candidate! SCOTUS has assured that no one can seriously present themselves for national office with just the $10 to $250 contributor, they need seriously huge money fully committed from announcement of candidacy. Possible large contributors have an interest in labor costs thus not too interested in the legality of these issues, just the profits so that they can back a candidate of their choosing in the next election cycle. They will contribute to those candidates with what? Money that some Americans should have been paid for labor will now be spent on candidates with un-constitutional aspirations!!

From my perspective, there is no one party responsible for this, there are at least two parties that have built this house of cards, nearly in lock-step with each other. Without full reversal of this immigration/alien CRISIS in this November's election there will be no education/job that will raise the bar for middle class Americans by 2030. Do your kids or grand-kids fit in that time frame? Mine will not!

Yes, like others, I believe that if e-verify had been universally applied early on it would have worked favorably. Today I think that is is unrealistic to see e-verify become politically popular adequately to ever be a fact of universal law!

I am very interested in your comments to my observations and very interested in solutions. In my estimation of today's reality, what we have done in the past quarter century is very inadequate!

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M 2510 of MA's picture

Lost my previous long comment, this new system is awful.

Sessions, King and probably 20 others get the issue but they are shut down by their leadership for fear of being branded as 'racist'. See what happened to Tancredo. No real legislation to reduce immigration can even be considered against the push of the open borders lobby, big business and the monolithic Democratic machine. In other countries, small parties have emerged to make change. We need someone like a Herman Cain to articulate the sheer devastation happening due to our current immigration rate let alone doubling or tripling it.

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Gene 5798 of TX's picture

I agree, M 2510, but if any of those in Congress were truly committed to preventing amnesty, preventing future alien invasion you would think one would be committed enough to patriotism to offer themselves as a presidential candidate, so that the voters could make this an issue. Yes, that Candidate would likely become a political martyr, but some times that is the cost of patriotism!

Small party emerging? I've advocated that for 15-20 years. I see no hope there either, we seem to think that it is patriotic to vote for republicans or democrats. I have not been able to convince many otherwise. But, IT IS getting easier.

The other thing is this, are we so few in numbers of anti-amnesty supporters that we really are ignored, other than a bone to knaw on occasionally on with no substance?

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Matt 0699 of SD's picture

"xenophobia" and "racism" are words they use to attempt to shut up those who oppose illegal immigration, don't let worn-out labels hinder activism.

John 4110 of MI's picture

Illegal families are the group that contribute the most to population growth, cost the most to provide education and public services and add a lot to gangs and violence.

They knowingly break immigration laws to make money. The same can be said for drug dealers, bank robbers, tax cheats and organized crime.

We do not generally give those other groups a family based license to violate the law.

Families should not be exempt from removal.

Philip 5927 of AZ's picture

Raul Grijalva started trouble for inviting those criminal illegal aliens to Capitol Hill. They think they have a right to demand Obama's executive order for amnesty and no more deportations because they think executive order now is much more easy than amnesty bills that being put off any longer. I am very tired of them who always come up with all kinds of excuses why they have a right to be in our country. For an example, their favorite excuse is "don't split our family." They have the nerve to yell, scream and protest anywhere in our country and unashamedly talk to mainstream media demanding rights as if they were legal citizens. Sorry, they have no constitutional rights! They have no business being here. Get those lawless bullies out of our country NOW!

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John 6352 of PA's picture

Aren't you sick and tired of these liberals throwing the "racism" charge around to intimidate, harass, and otherwise demonize anyone who doesn't go along with their world views?

I think they should be loudly and publicly called out for their pathetic and divisive use of this term, when there's no evidence whatsoever that "race" has anything to do with concerns about security and control over who and why someone enters our country--like every other country in the world (including Mexico!).

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