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Two of the three winners in Alabama's U.S. Senate primary elections Tuesday pledged to voters during the campaign that they will support immigration actions that are at the heart of the congressional RAISE Act.

Roy Moore and Luther Strange -- who will face each other in the Republican runoff -- promised:

  • to support an end to the Visa Lottery,
  • to support an end to Chain Migration of extended family,
  • to support a reduction in overall legal immigration numbers.

The 8 million Americans in the NumbersUSA network of activists will expect those pledges made by Moore and Strange on the NumbersUSA candidate survey to result in active efforts to pass the RAISE Act if either is elected Senator in the fall election.

The winner of the Democratic primary -- Doug Jones -- did not take positions on the RAISE Act issues of legal immigration.

NumbersUSA rated Jones' immigration stands as anti-American-worker in his support for amnesty and more foreign workers, and his opposition to vigorous interior enforcement against illegal workers and the employers who hire them.

NumbersUSA will be asking supporters of Jones to encourage him to take the same pro-American-worker immigration positions as his Republican opponent.

NumbersUSA does not endorse candidates, but it distributes comparisons on immigration issues through millions of emails and Facebook postings during each election cycle.

See the full Candidate Comparisons of the Alabama candidates at:

ROY BECK is Founder & President of NumbersUSA

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